The moon is technically in its’ lowest energy point at 3 degrees of Scorpio. The new moon is the lowest energy point of each month. This new moon is not far off at 9 degrees 55 min.

The question always is, ” is this bad?”.

As astrologers we rarely see planetary configurations as good or bad. We are trained not to judge, but to interpret and give wise counsel based on each person’s particular chart.

We see the chart as a reflection of soul karma. Each soul is on a journey of evolution along a wheel. The goal , if you will, is to resolve your karma so you can be free to move to levels of experience that are inherently pure love.

In this sliver of reality we are evolving our soul through relationships.

In this sliver of reality we are bound by the vedic concept of , ‘poorva/puna’, which basically means ,’credit/debit’. ( It is no mistake that we live under various forms of banking and barter as it is projection of our humanity.).

Like it or not, everything has a cost, or a negotiating point. This is the foundation of relationships.

Anuradha, the lunar sign of this new moon, is all about FRIENDSHIP.


I find myself, more and more in my readings, coming to this comment, ” A friend does not treat another friend like that’. So much pain ensues when people treat those they are involved with either in business or personal, in a way that does not fall remotely into the category of , ‘friend’.

Abuse within love, family or business stems from an underlying lack of respect. For most of the population,  it is a projection of a deep seated internal pain which needs to be inflicted on another to share. For a smaller part of the population which includes narcissists, socio and psychopaths, it is simply enjoyment of inflicting pain as a way to actually ‘feel’ something. It is important to be able to distinguish the difference.

Friends empower each other; period.

This does not exclude honesty which can be difficult to hear, but the underlying action is to uplift and empower. Anything other than this is not friendship. If you can understand this, you can navigate your relationships.


Family is a breeding ground for generational abuse to be condoned. I have come to the conclusion that it is not necessary to remain in a situation that abuses your soul in any way. No matter what, the people you allow to be close to you, should treat you like a friend. If that is not the case, be kind and civil, but keep strong boundaries. You have to be the protector of your own heart and soul.


Here is where we find power struggles which comes under the rule of Scorpio. Mars rules Scorpio and war.


What a strange world we live in where partners treat each other with less respect that they would do a friend.


Symbol: lotus flower

  • represents the ability to blossom despite adversity

Deity: Mitra

” the god of friendship and partnership who promotes co operation among humanity. Mitra is the benevolant Sun god imparting compassion, devotion and love. Anurdha gives the power of worship. This nakshatra creates balance in relationships by honoring others as well as themselves” ( The Nakshatras by Dennis Harness)


As you know the best time to begin anew is now.

This new moon the proper focus is on your relationships. Which ones are empowering you and deserve to remain in your circle?

Which ones are disempowering you and would best be served by moving them out of your circle of wellbeing?

Now is good.

Love only….

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