Aries is the beginning; the step you must take all by yourself. Courage is needed in this life, there is no way around it.

The opposite point is the Sun in Libra where we never actually travel alone. We are all connected and it is the quality of our relationships that lay the foundation for our courage.

Courage can rise out of feeling very alone and courage can rise out of feeling totally supported by others.

Mars rules Aries and is the cosmic imprint for courage.


The very first lunar sign /nakshatra is ashwini. Here we find the energy of bravery and courage in full force. The force of nature that rules this sign is prana, or life force. Prana is the subtle energy that lives within oxygen that gives us life. In order to be fully alive, awake and able to express our divine nature, we need to be able to ingest and digest prana. It is our fuel. It is the gas we need to hold within our cells so we can find our courage to explore our dreams and to heal our wounds.


The zodiac sign that contains Ashwini is Aries, the warrior explorer. Mars rules here. Each of you have a connection to the mars frequency. If it is strong you will go into the world to battle and initiate change no matter how uncomfortable it may feel. If your mars frequency is weak, you will shy away from confrontation and let others lead. Neither is good or bad, all is required to create humanity. Knowing where you fall within this scale will help you navigate your life experience with a deeper sense of wisdom and accuracy.


What this means is that mars and venus are in each others’ sign, and when this happens there is a cosmic readjustment where the planetary energies jump back into their own signs, which takes them from being weak to being exalted and strong. Such is the case for this full moon as mars is just at 0 degrees, barely making the appointment!

Mars rises with an unexpected force at this time. You may personally see this in your own life; a turn of expression from weak to strong. Your dreams which may have seemed overwhelming suddenly become possible. Your energy and understanding can surge and you realize your strength to succeed.


This puts mercury at a deep disadvantage. If details arise that do not make sense, do not jump to conclusions. Ask questions directly but peacefully. You are allowed to find truth.


This is the strongest energy point of the month. The focus is relationships. Recognize and celebrate your success in relationships that support your wellbeing.

A strong union is made of two who know how to be alone. A strong person is one who realizes that we are are never alone- thus the paradox of this life. Arise/Libra is the archtype for this reality.

Love only…


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