If you look to the sky you can see that almost all of the he planets are very tightly aligned. During this new Moon all of the inner planets ( Sun-Saturn) are within 90 degrees of each other. This creates a graviational pull on the earth and energetically all of us earthings feel it.


Virgo is the sign of the perfectionist. It is hard to please a Virgo because they are always strategizing on how to improve everything. And, by the way, they are hardest on themselves first, before being hard on others. The main lesson for them is to learn to understand that there is perfection in imperfection, if that makes sense. If you look around at the natural order of our world, everything is coming into and going out of it’s natural growth cycle. There are moments when perfect harmony occurs and it is during that time, that it is good to consciously absorb the feeling into our cells and enjoy, otherwise everything, including you, is , like the ebb and flow of the tides, in a pattern of becoming.




Life is so mysterious that most people need to keep so busy that they are not overwhelmed with trying to understand existence. We must find purpose to our life so that we can feel that our existence has some meaning. If you look at animals, they are just happy enjoying nature. Humans are busy trying to get out of the present moment so they can fulfill some future priority. We are always in the state of becoming something other than what we are right now! Virgo rules that energy. Can you find comfort in the fact that you will always be, ‘becoming’ at the same time as truly enjoying who you are in the present time? If you can do this you will find peace in your life.




Fall in love with who you are in this present moment. Fall in love with the fact that you have the consciousness to improve. If you ask all successful people in the world, they will tell you to enjoy the journey; enjoy the process. With so much energy in Virgo, if you are not comfortable with your process, you can find yourself really uncomfortable.


“We are a human crystal functioning as a series of synchronous vibrations between the solid crystals & the liquid crystals of the human body.”Gabriel Cousens




This new Moon falls in the lunar sign, Chitra. Chitra, means, ‘the jewel’, ‘the bright’, ‘the brillant’. Chitra is the many shiny colors you see in a drop of water or the light bouncing off a diamond. Remember that each of us are crystals. If we purify ( Virgo), we will become the same type of reflectors. We are 78% water. The water within our cells is holding a memory and becoming imprinted by our thoughts. Virgo asks us to purify so that we become greater reflectors of light. Once this happens, because of the cosmic laws, we will attract the same energy that we give off. What are you reflecting now? What would you like to reflect? What you reflect is what you will attract.




This combination is radical! The intensity of communication is heightened. If you are off track, this energy will make you feel extremely uncomfortable. Now is a good time to have those uncomfortable conversations you have been putting off..even the ones that you have with yourself! Now that Mercury is direct, there will also be a lot of clarity returning to the misunderstandings that went wrong over the past few weeks.




The combination of the Leo and Virgo at this time is such a potent and powerful alchemy for causing excellence. These planets in Leo are epic for pleasure. Where ever they fall in your chart, they have the ability to uplift and empower. Projects and love affairs can ignite here and now. Passion is at a height. JUMP!!
Love only…

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