I you read my blog, you will remember these terms, as they come up from time to time. Gandanta means, ‘knot’, and technically refers to the internal phyio-spiritual knots that must be released before the kundalini can rise properly in it’s upwards journey. This is like removing the flood gates to a damn and allowing the water to rush in. It can only work if the way ahead has been prepared properly. If not the flood will be damaging. Gandanta is the final stages of Cancer and the first degrees of Leo. Venus will be sandi for the next 10 days.



Of course, the sandi part of Leo must fall into the lunar sign Magha, which means, ‘ the mighty one’. This is the zone of the king. 8 Degrees of Leo is where the star Regulus sits. It is 100x as bright as our Sun. It is known as , ‘the king maker’. Venus will be at 8 degrees on Oct.11, right on the new Moon in Virgo. How Sweet!



You know that Jupiter is in Leo for a year, which began July 13,2015. Mars is currently dancing with Jupiter and now we will have Venus. These three planets will be visible in the sky. If you can locate Jupiter, you will see Mars and Venus dancing alongside. This dance lasts until Nov.3, when , interestingly enough, both Mars and Venus move together into Virgo.  If there is one word that describes this energy it is : Power.

There will be major heated battles around power on our earth and inside our own bodies. If you have any heated areas in your life that involve somebody upsurping your power, they have the fuel needed to explode now. On the other hand, there is no better time to claim your own power. One of my all time favourite books is called Power vs. Force, by Dr. Hawkins. The fundamental foundation of the book is that the body never lies and that all the answers are within if you can listen. Further, everything is vibration, and will receive the swing reflex of whatever is projected outwards. Yes, you carry a vibrational forcefield that will surround you and create your life experience. You do want your mental and emotional expectations to be in line with what you are projecting, otherwise disappointment arises.



The world has gotten in such a hurry. Everybody in fear that the do not have enough, so rushing around, wasting their precious young lives  chasing after ever illusive goals and becoming discouraged and sad. Your happiness comes from within, period. Pitta is the energy of fire and aggression. If your pitta is too high, you will be unsettled and easily angered. On the other hand, finding your passion will ignite the fire element of pleasure and give you truth wealth, also ruled by Leo. With 3 major planets in fire, you will be activated somewhere in your world. Balance your pitta by slowing down. You can still have a really exciting and fun life without the mad rush.



My goal is to have everybody familiar with their own charts, so that when I say, Leo, you know if you have or do not have Leo planets and you know which house Leo activates in your chart. :-)

Leo falls in my 2nd house of money which means, I will focus on money making projects and also expect to receive money during this transit. Where does Leo fall in your chart?


This full moon eclipse last week was the last eclipse in the Virgo -Pisces axis. The new 18 month cycle will begin with next eclipse phase which will be in the Leo/Aquarius axis. This next month will give us a taste of the flavor of 2016. Yes, you and your power! What does it mean to you? What do you need to do to shift what you do not like about your self so that you project the type of power you wish to have returned to you?

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 5.27.43 PM


All of the planets are bunched together at the moment. Ketu is the eclipse point that is still in Pisces. It is grounding force for all of the inner planets. Ketu in Pisces does not have any grounded energy. This is why there is such a  high feeling of instability in the world just now. If we would all just adopt this mantra we could offset all of this fear and negativity. The world is not going to end!








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