In case you haven’t noticed the world is in chaos. Many are choosing not to notice because humanity is mostly followers and have been downgraded over the past decades to be totally out of touch with their instincts and inner connection to nature, so they are not able to listen or understand when they are in danger. Nevermind having their own mind to think independently and trust, they are exhausted from being in a slave society (believing they are free) , and too pumped up on pharma or adulterated weed, to access consciousness. Sad but true.

Not everyone, of course, but certainly the majority of beautiful humanity. Well, in truth, those who have taken these jabs may be well on their way to transhuman, so no longer classified as human, rather property of the companies who injected them. This is reflected in the Libra side of this eclipse.

Libra Sun, debilitated because it cares so much about pleasing the others, it can overlook self preservation. A debilitated Sun in the shadow as it is eclipsed by Ketu making it even more invisible. Venus exalted with Ketu can ‘buy’ the ‘truth’ and Mercury in Libra will not rock the boat.

Aries on the other hand, is those who cannot think straight if aggitated and are so in touch with their instincts that raw aggressive action runs the show.



This full moon will see many people around the world realizing that they have been lied to not only with covid , which stands for Certification of Vaccine I.D. , but many other situations.

We are reaching a critical junction of those who realize that elections have been stolen, wars have been created to generate money, and many governments have been hijacked and a planned eugenics program is underway. The war is on. It’s global. Its not country against country. Nope, this one is a spiritual war. Good vs. Evil.


” The Devil Wears Prada”.

Don’t be fooled by looks. We are in a peak of narcissism dressed up as altruistism.

People who are standing up and telling the truth are being destroyed by the media.

Good people’s honest tax money is being stolen to support corruption, and they are brainwashed enough to support it , so sit quietly and say nothing.

This full moon eclipse will highlight the extremes of passivity to those who are infuriated because they have known the truth for a long time.


This is explosive and dangerous.


Understand where do you fall in this equation?

Where does Libra fall in your own chart?

Where does Aries fall in your own chart?

This full moon is all about me vs. thee.

Venus vs. Mars.

There is no judgement, but if you are a follower, check in to really understand are you on the side of goodness, love and peace…

” If you don’t stand for something , you fall for everything”.

This full moon eclipse is a dramatic one and , as I always say, we are all connected in the quantum field, so manage your own energy to affect the whole.


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