The Sun, Moon, Venus and Ketu all fall within Swati for this new moon eclipse. We don’t often see this sort of concentration so let us pay close attention to Swati.

” Swati is called the self-going star, it is pictured as a young single shoot blown by the wind. Swati people have the ability to bend with the wind in order to survive the forces of change which they may encounter.

The deity that rules Swati is Vayu, the demigod of wind, air, breath and prana. Vayu is the purifier and cleanser that represents the movement of pranayama that pervades the universe and sustains life. It gives the power to scatter like the wind. …it represents the powers of communication to influence others. ….Swati translates as the priest or priestess and the female deity that is associated with this asterism is Saraswati, the goddess of learning. ” Dennis Harness Nakshatras.

The focus is on the element of Air.

If we bring Swati to it’s common denominator, we land in the brain. The brain is the one that directs messages for verbal communication. The handle of the sword is the brain, while the blade is the tongue.

To attain the eloquent status of priest or priestess, we must keep our brain healthy.

When I think Swati, I think Priest or Priestess. I also think ,’cutting intellect’.

Swati is pure thought. We are in the air element of thoughts, rather than feelings. How well you think is dependent on the health or your brain.


As I see my loved ones and myself aging it is noteworthy to understand that some of us loose our memory while others do not. When the memory starts to go, there seems to be little resistance. I guess this is because these people have not had a habit of consciously caring deeply for nurturing their brain, so they seem to just accept the fall into mindlessness. Of course there can be no judgement here. The saying that we come in as children and go out like children, is for many of us, true. In many ways it is easier, because these people no longer are able to manage their life details and have to depend on others, To this end, there is a dimming of intellect which prevents deep worry over the inevitable process of passing out of here.

But for those of us who do not wish to go down this path, we must set into action, methods and techniques to keep our brain healthy. Let’s look at the brain from this perspective

Physically the brain is a mystery. It is a remarkable receiving station that records and stores data and sends messages to the heart to move into something or move away, basically. Memories and habits form patterns which set up neural pathways in the brain and like a road well travelled can go on autopilot.
When we see people well into adulthood blaming their behavior on childhood trauma it is a sign that they have not done enough personal growth work ( also considered spiritual work), to dissolve these pathways that were usually set up unconsciously, and create new pathways chosen consciously.

From a physical perspective this requires getting ourselves to teachers who can help us do this!

Maybe the most important, however, is the nutrients that go into supporting the brain. The brain is made up fat and we must consume enough healthy fats to allow the brain cells an environment where they can regenerate and thrive. As we age we need more fat! Depending on how your own body reacts, ghee, olive oil, coconut oil, primrose oil are good choices.

Blue light is causing problems with our pituitary gland which is run on the cycles of day to night. Staying up late looking at a blue screen tells your brain it is still daylight and messes with your circadian rhythm. This is causing a lot of early Alzheimers.

Sleep and deep rest give the brain time to regenerate.


We as humans seem to have to overcome the following to really mature.
Fear and anger are two sides of the same coin and as long as they occupy a lot of rooms in your brain, it will be difficult to mature, period!


Pushing yourself into constant learning will keep the brain regenerating. I call this Ninja Training. Move into areas that make you uncomfortable and give you the sense that you know nothing. Push yourself to learn bit by bit, whether it be a new sport, music, dance, language, cooking recipes, whatever…just keep learning.

What is spirituality if it is not love and gratitude for our life.
Clearly this dimension in the 12th Loka is about the fight between light and dark. We have choice but be very clear that the highest vibration in the universe is love.
The more we can grow in this department the happier our brain will be.
Fall in love with yourself first. This is generally no small task.

Forgive , forgive, forgive.

Have a goal of being the source of love.


The sun is weak in this sign and with kept will become weaker, but in this case Venus is exalted and will take over the lead. Venus takes the lead in this eclipse.

I do not automatically make eclipse a negative expression. In this case, Ketu acts as a portal to enhance the strength of Venus.

Expect love to resurface or show up in unusual or unexpected circumstances.

Expect what is parading as love, but actually a toxic abusive relationship, to show its truth so you can leave it once and for all.

This new moon Is all about relationships and partnerships with a focus on love and money.


Swati is Devic in nature, which means it has the ability to reach very high levels of sophistication. There is motivation to rise in consciousness here.

Artha is the motivation to make money and create abundance. Swati will naturally want to be surrounded by beauty.


This new moon is an excellent time to review the relationships that may be sitting in the shadows. Who in your life that you honestly love, is there waiting for you to call or visit?

What part of the relationship you have with yourself is waiting patiently in the shadow for attention?

What attention to beauty is waiting for you to take action?

What aspect of money are you avoiding?


Love only…

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