I typically wait until the very last minute to write my posts because I like to tune into the frequency of the moment. In this case, this full moon fell on my own moon. I wondered how it would go…

I booked travel on this day without looking at the planets.

The day or two that Mercury goes retrograde seems usually be the worst for messed up mercurial events and I booked travel on this day. ( Yesterday) . I should know better!


The animal that belongs to Purva Bhadrapada is the unicorn! This alone explains a lot about the romantic imaginative eccentric nature of this nakshatra.

Purva Bhada Pada means, ‘the lucky left foot’ and I would consider it the most independent eccentric genius lunar mansion of the pantheon.


The glyph for Aquarius are the invisible electric or magnetic or radio frequencies that send information through the air. Imagine this; we are not even really entered into the Aquarian Age and look at the massive entrance of technologies that have taken over our lives in record speed. A.I. rules the Aquarian age and we are just getting started.

Further to this, sadly for us that belong to the exiting age, is the loss of sexual genders and the monopoly of huge companies as we are also seeing make an aggressive entrance into our world.

We can see that the youth of today don’t care if they are experiencing reality physically or through the lense of the virtual world. In reality the brain does not know the difference between imagined and actual physical experience. The speed at which this new era is hitting us is overwhelming. Each era is 2,600 years. Imagine the different world that is about to unfold.

The people who belong to the new age of the metaverse will think nothing of interacting with a unicorn as a normal part of life. This is a radically different era to the one that is now exiting.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Saturn is in Capricorn ( it’s own sign) strengthening the form of this full moon. Saturn is the planet of structure, work, discipline and maturity. This cosmic frequency is about practical long term steps that make sense.

I am hitting that age when me and my friends have parents that are in their final years. I have been struck by two things: people do not actually plan well for old age, and , for many, the brain starts to rapidly decline.
Let’s look at these subjects.


Plans can be short term and long term. If you consider that your old age can far exceed your younger years, it is a good idea to stop and think and feel what it is that you would like to do with your time when you will no longer be prancing around. It’s pretty simple actually, find a passion and practice the art of gratitude and enjoyment. This needs to be cultivated over and over again as we go through disappointments. Saturn rules this area.


Purpose is derived from actions that cause the feeling of ‘meaning’ to arise in the body. We are an interconnected species so find something that helps others, it does not matter what it is provided it is not based solely on money. Saturn rules the serious side of life, like your purpose!


Your brain thrives on fat, so it is essential to continue to eat a lot to healthy fat/oils.

Your thoughts are like electrical circuits. If you travel the same highway over and over again there will be no need to pay attention neither create new neural pathways.
Go out of your way to keep learning. Mix up your routines so you are not doing the same thing day in and day out. Saturn rules the aging process and the responsibility that you and you alone have to be self responsible.


This full moon find excitement. Stimulate your sense and push yourself to a new limit. Dare to be different.


Mercury just went retrograde until Oct.2. Because it is in Virgo exalted and opposite Jupiter which is also exalted this promises to be a retrograde that should uncover hidden or forgotten or missed things and friendships. Further, Saturn and Jupiter are also retrograde. This should be a very interesting 3 weeks!!

Love only..

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