The deity of this nakshatra is a very powerful cosmic position.

Leadership, nobility, honor, and the rules of society.

Alleviating the suffering of humanity.



This is actually a big subject.

Friendship can be honest or strategic.

What is important, individually or collectively, is to have values associated with your friendships.

Life experience often teaches us how to create values that define who we choose as friends.

The underlying foundation for friendship is wrapped around time. Time is our greatest asset. When we are supported our time feels good, when we are attacked or threatened or not supported, our time becomes painful.

Think of time as your greatest asset and the greatest gift you can give to another is your time that releases joy.

The new moon is a time to re-new. It is a time to reassess and begin again. What is life, if it is not this?


This new moon has four planets in Virgo. Along with the Sun and Moon, and exalted Mercury ( which is retrograde) is dancing with a debilitated Venus. Confusing? Yes!

Virgo rules health. The debilitated Venus with this compromised Mercury can be lies around health. Many people in the world are, against their wishes, finding the truth of this current health condition. If you don’t know or have not wanted to know, you may find that it’s time to know.

It is very hard to people to understand because normal people have trusted governments and health organizations to be their friends.


Honesty, integrity, righteousness, honor, straightforwardness, fair-dealing.

Virgo rules all of these aspects of humanity.

Telling the truth even if it hurts. Doing the right thing even if you loose something in the process.

This new moon today is a time to re align with your core values.

Forgive, release and move forward.

Now is good!!

Love only…

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