Over the past decade it has happened that I am writing my blog entry while on a plane. Never before has there been a flight like this. I am traveling between Boston and Vancouver and here is what I have observed.
I am currently on an Air Canada flight, which normally is very chill and has all of the luxuries we have come to expect while traveling in one of the richer countries. Not today. The attendants look like something out of a sci-fi movie. They are dressed in white disposable outfits that cover their clothes and white lab coats. They have masks and gloves on as they dispense little sealed bags to the customers. Inside the bags is a bottle of water, plastic gloves, sanitizer, ear plugs and pretzels. There are no meal options, and no wine or any alcoholic drinks; not tea or coffee , even juice. The only option is coke or sprite.

Due to this ,’pandemic’, there seems to be suddenly an excuse to move back in time. It feels like a downgrade.

As I took off from Boston, the check in officials at Air Canada told me that only 2 of the normal 20 flights would take off that day. They told me that of the 34 normal employees, there are only now 10. The ones who got to keep their jobs are those with the greatest seniority while the rest are now collecting unemployment from the Canadian government. Not only that, but there is a new computer system that requires them to pick up the phone constantly to check in with some department that keeps them on hold for extended periods of time while the line grows. They are visibly frustrated. My first impression is that we have digressed.

When I then waited in my layover in Montreal with my dog, I was able to see that, in fact, all of the check in agents had grey hair and expressions of exhaustion. Nobody seems to be having fun.
Where, only a short 6 months ago, this would have been a buzzing vibrant scene, it now feels confused and downgraded.

The airports are almost empty and most of the shops and restaurants closed. In Boston the only option to grab a lunch while I waited to check my dog in, was Dunkin Doughnuts.
Nothing healthy to be had. Past the security gate was similar. Gone are the fun and glamorous boutique restaurants.

The check in agents tell me that this is expected for another 3 years, or until there is a vaccine.


In Vedic astrology misdiagnosis or lying is found with Ketu, or the south node of the moon which are the transition eclipse points. Later this month the 18 month eclipse patterns will move out of the Sag/Gemini axis into the Scorpio /taurus axis. Ketu is loss. Scorpio is power. Will this be the loss of power for humanity? This flight today feels like it. Nobody really knows what is going on, other than the story keeps changing and general human rights are dissolving.

Vaccines are meant to function like homeopathy. The concept is – + – = + , meaning if you hit a problem with the same problem that created it, there is a cancellation effect.

What would the various companies that are racing to create this vaccine actually put in it? The check in attendant alluded to the fact that normal air travel will not resume until there is a vaccine. This is worrisome. Isn’t it very clear by now that this problem comes out of a lab in who knows where, but a lab, not a field of flowers.

I for one will not be injecting an unknown substance into my body temple. Some may call me selfish, but as one who has developed instincts, it just feels wrong. I find myself thinking more closely about not traveling as much and doing so in private venues, or will that even be possible without being subject to this Planedemic. It is mind-blowing that suddenly there is talk of no travel without a vaccination. What about the 9,000 people that died of tuberculosis in the use in 2018. Why is that not a problem. The rabbit hole is full of obvious leads.


Aquarius is all about rebellion. Aquarius is also A.I. ( Artificial Intelligence) and computers. It is pretty clear that the Piscean Age is now over and the Aquarius Age is beginning. My question is this: Is it a normal part of the cycle that most of those who belong to the Piscean cosmic archetype need to exit before the new generation of life form steps in? Today it certainly feels like it.

I am always asked; ‘ is it bad?’. I really don’t look at anything as good or bad. Everything is frequency and different frequencies have different expression.

Lower frequencies do not intersect with higher frequencies, it is like living in a different dimension.

Aquarius is about energy waves that travel through the air, be it virus or computer driven.

Your brain is a receiver station for energy.

Your responsibility is to take care of your brain and your body. If there is one thing that is highlighted lately is that you must not loose sovereignty over your own body.

Aquarius is about breaking rules that have been set upon by others that do not resonate with your inner truth.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn which is wisdom and maturity.

Aquarius is your instincts.


The lunar sign of this full moon is all about healing. Flowers are associated with this frequency. Flowers contain many healing properties that are synergistic with the body. The rulership falls to Varuna.


I just ordered and received a bag of this bark that contains natural quinine . Nobody is mentioning anything natural ways to combat this situation.

Hydroxychloroquine is a synthetic drug while quinine is a naturally occurring compound found in cinchona bark. I am not advocating anything for you. This is just what I am doing for myself to have in my flower medicine chest.


“Varuna is the God of rain and cosmic waters. He is the bestower of wisdom and God of medicines. Varuna generates the power of healing and is a mystic healer who is also the lord of Maya or illusion. He is said to possess magical healing abilities and establishes ,protects and maintains natural and moral law. Varuna also provides good judgement as well as punishment.”

With this full moon commit to remaining sovereign to your instincts.

We belong to a cosmic eco system and have God molecule within us. Don’t forget!

Love only…

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