This new moon is inspiring because most of the planets are exalted. The local cosmic forces are very powerful for all of us.


Virgo is the sign of the perfectionist. Those of you with a lot of virgo planets are challenged in this world because you see the shortfalls of what could be if people did their best. You have to live with the fact that mostly there is imperfection and in that there is some perfection, if that makes sense!

When the virgo mind is spinning with details of how things might not work out, let me remind you that when you are spending time in worry, you are actually giving energy to the fact that things will, in fact, not work out. Meditation on a negative outcome. What a waste of time!


Mercury is with the Sun and the Moon in Virgo. This is brilliant. There is no better time to realign your actions with your words.


This book that most of you will have read is so profound and echo the virgo energy of the moment. If you have lost your way or are off track slightly this new moon is a great time to review these easy to digest principles.

  1. Be Impeccable With Your Word- This is no small task! Don’t be too hard on. yourself and remember you are human, so you will make mistakes. The key is to sit in front of the mirror on your yoga mat, and be honest with yourself. What have you said that you, either have to retract, alter or re align with your intention. It is okay to change your mind, but if you have verbally committed to a particular track, you simply need to say it is no longer your path. You will have to wait for the momentum that you have initiated in that direction to come to a stop and re orient direction. Have patience. Alternatively, if you have put your word into the cosmic seed of intention and the goal is unfolding much slower than you has wanted, be reminded that you have to have a passion and a direction to give your life meaning and it is the process of manifesting that is the key to day to day life, often more than the actual realization of the end product. Your word is your most powerful tool but only if you have a clear uncompromising relationship to it!
  2. Don ‘t Take it Personally- Go on your way without being too concerned what others think. Others will always have an opinion that is based on their own view of the world. This doesn’t mean that you don’t consider and respect healthy criticism or advice, rather you do not allow every little thing be directed in your direction. Taking it personally is all about ego.
  3. Don’t Make Assumptions- We learn this lesson over and over again. Again, your assumptions will be based on your own projections. Allow another to be in control of their own life and don’t assume that you really understand their path. We all come with our own past life, ‘ samskaras”. ( karma from our actions from recent lifetimes)
  4. Do Your Best- Here is the Virgo wish for the people of this planet. How different the world would be if we all did our best. Virgo also rules health and healing.
    A body mind soul complex is a machine and can only perform to the capacity that it is able. If your cells are not healthy,¬† your best will be disappointing for yourself or others. We are in a body and the body is the vehicle by which we experience this reality and also how we advance our soul evolution. Virgo rules cleansing….


With the planets so powerful this is one of the best times to co create. You are a ,’dream machine’. You plant the seed of intention and then you put your actions in alignment with clarity and discipline and eventually¬† manifestation will occur.


We live under cosmic rules. For every action there is a reaction. Be mindful. Be accountable.


Get ready. One Sept.20 we have a changing of the guards. Watch for a post on this subject. We will move out of the Gemini/Sagg axis into the Taurus/Scorpio axis- 18 months. Some of you will be relieved while others will step into the fire! The reason we follow this vedic wisdom of Jyotisha is so that we are informed  and aware; call it a cosmic navigation tool!

Love only…



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