The lunar mansion /nakshatra of this full moon is Purvabhadrapada, which may be the most delightfully eccentric signs of them all. My moon falls in this nakshatra, so I will speak from personal experience.

When I was a child I loved to be in nature ( still do), and commune with the world of fairies and magical experiences that did not belong to the ‘normal’ world of the general population. To this day, I live for the quintessential moments of divine mystical experiences that keep me informed that there is so much more to our world than meets the eye.

In fact our eyes only see a fraction of what truly exists.

The animal symbol for Purvabhadrapad is AjaEkapada, the one horned horse, or unicorn.


I believe during the generation in which I grew up, imagination was considered trite or unimportant to the fabric of life. As we are now in a ,’deep learning’, phase of evolution, we are realizing that imagination is a necessary part of the co creation process.


Aquarius rules astrology. How odd that most people laugh at the word, and like to poke fun at it, as if it is some game to waste time. When you go to the ancient Indian or Mayan sites, you see that the Astrologer was seated next to the ruler and treated with great respect.

Yes, this cosmic frequency does not align with the masses because it is easier than thinking or exploring for oneself; more importantly following the inner guidance called intuition.

Astrology, or Jyotisha, as it is properly called in sanskrit, is one of the primary 6 vedangas of the vedas. This ancient language is so complicated and rich, it requires a mind that is not bound by convention.



The journey to the SELF is the unveiling of your true nature. Once you discover and then develop your own authentic character, life unfolds in a new way. Falling in love with your SELF and your own eccentricities is a foundation for a happy life. Stop apologizing for your eccentric ways. Embrace your quirkiness with joy and entertainment.


Leo is the self. Aquarius is the community.

Ultimately you are free to be your highest self and be embraced by your community.

Choosing a community that can embrace you is the key.

If not now , when?

Love only….


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