Here are the planets involved in this current new moon in Virgo.



The sanskrit word comes from ,’JYO’, which means, ‘LIGHT’.

Jyotisha means, ‘the science of light’.

It is a language that interprets the energetic impact for us living on earth, when certain planets hit one of the many different possible mutation points along a 360 degree path. ( a circle)

Today we are in a new moon formation where, mercury, venus, sun, moon, mars are lined up one behind the other in our home universe. Now here is what I would like to explain. In the ancient system, they gave us the way to calculate the chart of the sky. It is created with sidereal time or ,’true star time’. It was then and it is now. This part of study is based solely on astronomy and mathematics. So, the general world is following a calendar that was only created 2019 years ago, and is in fact, not keeping accurate time. The difference between the true star time and the western calendar time is approx. 24 degrees.

Jyotisha is a scientific metaphysical language of integrity and such spiritually enlightening depth and answers, I would like to defend a truth in this new moon!

Virgo is all about the truth.


Mercury likes and needs to ,’talk it out’. Now this can be exhausting, if you know what I mean.:-) It can be a very good time to commit to clearing out your inner chest of you, which may require having some long exhaustive conversations.

Here we have an exalted mercury which invigorates mental power and the desire to improve. As you may have been observing, venus is also still in this dance. As strong as mercury is in virgo, is as weak as venus in in virgo. She is critical and self judging, a little unstable. (dual sign) Mars in virgo is also one who may not act for fear of not being perfect. The Sun and Moon bring in the parental and noble viewpoint. If we find balance in all of this chaos, it will be because of some form of discipline. This new moon is at the apex of what we call a T-Square ( a western term). This position acts like a chimney. Being in a mutable sign with combust, and debilitated planets increase the instability. Saturn is also exact with Ketu at 19 degrees. I would say it spells change.

We all have our own truth, our sense of what is right for us and what is not.


Hasta is the ruling nakshatra which always means find Purpose.

Any kind of action in life can be challenging if it feels like hard work. Loving yourself should be easy but with virgo it can be not so easy. Many of you know what I am talking about. Learning to really love and accept yourself can be the greatest action of your life and and auspicious time for that action is NOW. JUMP!


Love is an inside job, which radiates outwards and attracts the same matching frequency for partnership and friendship. This is a quantum law in which the world is currently fascinated, the law of attraction. In reading a chart, we look for polarity. Polarity is the opposite point. All matter has anti-matter, or a balancing reflection or imprint on the local environment.

Virgo is in the class of dual signs so there is a mobility of character that can be brilliant but the brilliance may be lost if the mind is over critical of self. The new moon is about oneself. It is also about new beginnings.

My advice is to meditate on how you would like to improve your own inner sense of self love. Just pick one thing and keep on giving your energy to that area to improve. Mercury, the virgo dynamo, will tell you to study the brain to understand how to rewire your programs. I am a huge fan of Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton at the moment for the latest scientific results they are receiving from their brain studies on students learning how to meditate.


Because this new moon falls before 25 degrees of Virgo, it will be seen in western astrology as Leo. This is a myth.

It is so confusing for the average, well almost all, of the people in the civilized western world, that the new moon could be in 2 different signs. It takes from the credibility of astrology in general. As one introducing the sacred origins of astrology, which it turns out has its’ origins in ancient northern India, and it’s legacy, The Vedas, I have this burning desire for everybody to get on the same page!

We are talking mabey 3,000-20,000 B.C., rather nobody knows how old this particular cultural group was, the level of their intellectual and spiritual education is evident from the body of information that was left in sanskrit ( this is important) which gives us direction on how to conduct ourselves here on earth to achieve our highest potential of life force. Without computers, that we know of, they calculated the charts in their heads and were correct. It is mind boggling really.


Love only….


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