Sept.15- Nov.3, 2015, Jupiter will align with Mars in the hot pitta sign of Leo. Mars and Jupiter both belong to the devic camp which makes them noble in nature. They are powerful because they are in a devic sign. The combination is simply, powerful.


It is not a mistake that the lion head shows up in design that is reflective of royalty. The male lion shows us how confident a spirit in a body can be. He is all powerful. His female companion hunts for him, and lets him eat first. Go figure! If he is well cared for he will be extremely affectionate and protective. If you do have Leo planets, and have been working on clearing your body of negativity, and vibrating on a cellular level with love, this time can prove to be one of those pivitol moments where you can achieve the top of your game. If you have Leo planets this time is a call for you to rise into your highest nature. This year, until mid 2016, is the time to find your lion within. Now if you did not incarnate with any Leo planets, you may find this display nauseating. The key is not to judge. A Lion in his full power is not about ego, rather, about the display of ectasy that can occur when a spirit is fully healthy and fully embued with the feeling of power. Yes, it is intoxicating.




Mars aligned with Jupiter is like adding octane to the gas tank. Again those of you with Leo planets, take full advanatage of this time. You will have extra energy to push yourself. You can regenerate your tejas now.




You do not all have Leo planets, but you all have tejas. On the more subtle systems of your body there is a pathway for the element of fire and light, which in the refined form is called , ‘tejas’. In order to be in full health, you must be topped up with tejas. When your tejas system is full, you will have all the energy you need to be in your full power. Your eyes will be so full of light they will be reflective. Build your tejas with rest…………



Degrees of Leo is the star Regulus, the king maker. Watch this date for important explosive events and political power moves. A good time to make your move. Where does 8 degrees Leo fall in your chart?


Oct.1, Venus moves into Leo to join Jupiter and Mars. Both the yin and yang will be catapulted into a new dimension with the aid of Jupiter. If love is going to happen, from Oct.1-Nov.2, is an extremly good time. Venus is at 8 degrees Leo on Oct.11,2015.



Knowing this very powerful planetary alignement is happening over the next few months, do what it takes to increase your relationship to power; your power. If you are sick, this is an amazing time to recover but building tejas. If you are healthy, this is one of those magical moments in time where the wind will be at your back and the fire under your …. Love only

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