I mentioned this fact a few months ago, but it seems time to bring it up again.




The astronomical ( yes, scientific ) fact is that Jupiter is passing through the constellation of Leo. The physical effect of this cosmic location is heat. Leo is ruled by fire, which is ayurveda is, pitta, the element of fire. Jupiter is the filter planet that increases or expands, even to the point of excess. This crossing or transit, lasts one year. In this case Jupiter entered Leo in July 5,2015 and will exit on Aug.11,1016. That is one factor.



Rahu is the north node of the Moon, and is the current cosmic location of where the eclipses fall for 18 months between Jan.8,2015- Sept.8,2017. What this means is that Jupiter is located in the same area of the skye as the north node. In vedic astrology we call this location, “Rahu”. Rahu means the head of the serpent. “Various names are assigned to Rahu in Vedic texts including: the chief, the advisor of the demons, the minister of the demons, ever-angry, the tormentor, bitter enemy of the luminaries, lord of illusions, the one who frightens the Sun, the one who makes the Moon lustreless, the peacebreaker, the immortal, bestower of prosperity and wealth, and ultimate knowledge.” wiki Rahu is a ‘rogue’ and highly unpredictable, however, one thing is certain and that is Rahu brings a distorted expanded material manifestation of whatever or whom ever it touches. Rahu and Jupiter together undoubtedly cause massive expansion of the element of fire. Fire is heat. The subject is earth. The time is now.




Everything in our universe has a lifespan and runs it’s own journey of cycles. Currently the Sun is in a zone of increases storm activity. When there is a big storm on the Sun there can be a piece of radiation that breaks off and comes towards earth. As an astrologer I have been paying attention to this phenomenon for well over a decade. One thing I know for sure- the radiation has an effect on our beloved planet Gaia and yes, on each of us!!





I want to remind you or if you are new to my writing, educate you on the fact that in ancient times the astrologers were the weather forecasters. Astrologers forecast the weather based on the planetary positions and advised on the time to plant and harvest. While new technologies have taken over, I would argue that there is still a place to the astrologer in helping people understand the cosmic cycles of influence. Now is such a time. Existence runs in cycles.


Whenever there are a lot of planets in the cosmic element of fire there will be more heat. The full Moon, particularly, eclipses will also increase heat. Going forward until Jupiter moves out of Leo, those periods will be May 5/6, 14/15 and Aug.1-5th. I expect July and Aug to be extremely hot this year. Of course it is easy to see that the effect is already in place as it has been in place this year.




You want to pay attention to your own planets in fire because they will certainly be aggravated. Watch for inflammation to increase. So, knowing this, your job is to take extra precautions to cool your body down. In ayurveda, this will be done be increasing kapha. Reduce anything that is heating to the body. If you have an abundance of fire planets you will want to pay close attention at this time.



1. Factors that cause imbalance Pitta dosha

2. Balance – Pitta

2. Eat main meal at noon with the bulk of the food being Sweet, Astringent, Bitter in taste and slightly dry in texture. Make sure the food is pure and wholesome

1.Eat hot, spicy, oily food being mostly pungent, sour and salty in taste 2. Work in a cool, dry environment where you feel you are in control (such as your own business)

1.Work in the hot sun for long periods of time, in a job were you feel you have little control

2.Seek balance in all things, alternate hard work with leisure and rest 1.Being judgmental and overly critical

2.Decrease the use of stimulants. Use cooling bitter herbs like aloe vera, dandelion, gentian and cilantro

1.Use stimulants – alcohol, coffee, tea, cigarettes 1.Wear clothing that is warm colour such as red, orange, yellow or a calming colour like green

2.Wear clothing that creates lightness in the body such as purple, blue and white

2.For leisure time choose calming activities such as quiet walks in nature or parks

2.For leisure time do stimulating activities, amusement parks, discos, rock concert Wear clothing made of natural fibers such as cotton or silk. The best colours are lighter colours like white, cream, blue, green and purple

2.Take cool walks in the moonlight



KNOWLEDGE IS POWER Once you know you are responsible for your own wellbeing! Love only…

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