“ The sword”

“The Priest/ess”

“The self-going”

-The golden star Arcturus


-Ability to be rooted in the earth and have the foundation to blow and bend in the wind in  order to adjust and adapt to life’s changes.

-Power to release in the wind like the seeds of a flower once it has blossomed.

-Disciplined powers of communication therefore words can be forces of power with Swati.

-Clever in trade and commerce. Restless.


Ruling Planet

The Moon

Because this lunar sign falls within Virgo, Mercury automatically comes into the picture, thus we have a Moon-Mercury planetary rulership for Swati.



Vayu:  God of wind, air and prana

Saraswati: Goddess of Learning

Devic: Godlike

Dharmic: right action

Artha: material prosperity



-cleanser via prana



Self centered, selfish,restless


Healing Tools

-red coral

-pictures/statues of a male buffalo

-images of Saraswati

Swait is such a divine nakshatra/lunar sign!

The Moon will be at 8 degrees, 30 min of Libra and the Sun at 8 degrees 30 min of Aries. The Sun will be very powerful and in a great alignment with Jupiter also in a fire sign, Leo which can bring great passion and action/flow. The Full Moon gives results and is meant for a time of release and celebration. Mercury is also in Aries which can cause primal action ( the think later kind).

The Moon is in Libra which is ruled by Venus and Venus is gandatana in Pisces creating a great focus on venusian energy. :-) I don’t think I have anything but good things to say about Venus at 26 degrees of Pisces. Love, just pure Love. Art. Music. Fashion. Beauty. Flowers. Love….



So many of you are sendng me these little notes asking ,‘what is going on?”.

It’s Mars and Saturn in Scorpio folks. This is where the Swati force of remembering to channel through prana and breathe and this too shall pass.

On a global level this combination is most certainly representative of this extensive human suffering we are witnessing. Not every generation gets to see an exodus, which is what is happening in Africa just now.

Jupiter is so powerful at the moment that it is bringing the leaders of the world together not to solve war, but to solve a migration crisis.

Mars Saturn Scorpio and Jupiter Rahu in Leo are in a fixed crisis stage. 


You/we in the western world are living in a political atmosphere of matured capitalism. It is so absolutely critical to step back and talk a look a the big picture of time and space. You are here now.

How can you help?

  1. Be the best you can be.
  1. Align with Swati – Be the wise sage-



Hebrew: מרווה חכמה

Sanskrit: विज्ञ

Thai: ปราชญ์ ฉลาด

Africans: wyse salie

Basque:wyse salie

Arabic:wyse salie

Bengali:জ্ঞানী ঋষি

Bosnian: mudar kadulje


Burmese:ငါသည်ပညာရှိ၏ဟု ပညာရှိ

Catalan:sàlvia sàvia


Cebuano:maalamon nga mensahe

Corsican:accortu francese sage

Czech:moudrý mudrc

Danish:klog vismand
French:sage sauge

Icelandic:vitur Sage

Greek:σοφός φασκόμηλο

Khmer: បណ្ឌិត មានប្រាជ្ញា

Punjab: ਸਿਆਣੇ ਰਿਸ਼ੀ


Xhosa:isigidimi osisilumko

Swati..the wise sage. We are all sharing one planet…


Love only…

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