Fire is one of the fundamental elements under which our existence is ordered. Of the elements, earth, air, water, and either, fire is the most volatile and maybe the most dangerous. Without fire, there is no light or heat, but with too much fire, there is no life.

This element, is essential, and dangerous. Fire is expressed in various ways. Let us examine.



Whether we are speaking about our weather patterns, physical health or emotional balance, if there is too much heat, the water within our world and within our bodies evaporates. Since we are made up of approximately the same about of water as our earth, the balance of fire at any given time plays a critical part in our overall balance.



Homeostasis is the balance within the body. This temperature is 37 degrees, Celsius which is a relatively warm temperature. At 35 degrees the body goes into hypothermia.

If the body temperature goes to 42 degrees or higher, the body cannot survive. This is only a spread of 5 degrees Celsius. We are fragile beings who need just enough, but not too much heat. Excess heat in the body is inflammation and prolonged inflammation leads to disease in one form or another.



Jyotisha is the sister science to Ayurveda. Ayurveda classifies the body into kapha, vata and pitta. Kapha is water and earth, Vata is air and either, and Pitta is water and fire. If you have an excess of pitta in your body, your have inflammation and anger. We also see the element of fire within the Vedic astrology chart. More than four planets in fire, or particularly potent planetary combinations within the fire element, will create a distinct need to find a suitable outlet for cooling and calming the excessive energy.

We cannot live without the element of fire, and without a doubt, we need this element to be in balance, both within our bodies and in our environment.



This year, beginning on Jan.8,2016 and ending on Aug.11,2016, Jupiter will dance in the sky with Rahu. Leo is the element of fire and Jupiter will increase qualities of fire and Leo. Rahu is the current transiting eclipse point that causes manifestation into the physical realm. Both Jupiter and Rahu cause expansion. The area for concern here is that Rahu can cause extreme and unpredictable expansion coming from foreign countries.


Leo is the sign of the king and the archetype for power. In a balanced state this energy offers us positive leadership and free creative expression, in it’s imbalanced state it causes power struggles and excessive, ‘fire power’ and overall heat waves.

The full Moon in Leo on Feb. 22 is a time to watch.



On Feb.20, Mars moves into Scorpio to join Saturn and marks the beginning of what I believe is a more dangerous and volatile global period under which this Jupiter Rahu combination can be sparked. The new Moon on March 8 should also be noted as unstable. April 17-June 17 Mars and Saturn will travel together in a retrograde motion causing enough friction to push the Jupiter Rahu into action. July 12-Sept.18, Mars will once again be in Scorpio but the intensity will lessen on Aug.11, when Jupiter will move out of Leo and into Virgo.

So, Feb.22-Aug.11, we will likely see some serious expression of power gone mad in various countries. Fires and explosions may go to the extreme. On a positive note, there is also an opportunity for those holding power to come together with extra generosity also offered by this combination.



You are well prepared if you understand your own Vedic birth chart. If you have significant planets in Leo this will be a stellar period of time. Use the extra energy granted you to clean up your to do list. This is a period of time to ‘go for it’.

 If you have any area of your body inflamed, pay extra special attention to balance your pitta with increased kapha, so as not to cause and expansion of your inflammation. The antidote is to avoid foods that increase heat such as coffee, alcohol, dairy and spice. Increase your intake of foods that cause alkalinity such as greens. Eat more slowly. Rest after eating. Drink extra water

Wherever the Jupiter Rahu combination falls within your chart is where you may see a great deal of expansion and good fortune.





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