The reality is that we are not super aware civilization but that is changing. The internet has opened up a world where people can access information that has been hidden from us by those who control the purse strings. My 84 year old mother went on her own, without any need to consult her doctor, and was given no less than 4 ,’vaccinations’ at one time last week. This is her mindset and there is no way to change that. She believes she is being a responsible citizen.

When I was a Canadian growing up in the 60’s and 70’s we were lined up at school and given shots in the arm without any warning or permission from our parents. In fact, it was not until I had birthed two children that I myself awakened to the fact that this was not okay. I was too young and too naive and the nurses in the hospitals did not even ask before they did what they considered normal and begin the vaccination program at day one. Both of my kids have an autoimmune situation as do most of their friends; they are the fourth generation to receive this protocol and the genetics are breaking down.

I began questioning a long time ago now, but it was too late for turning back time, but in this world we are in today, because of the various new protocals being mandated or simply offered, and the side affects being quick and obvious, many many global citizens are raising in awareness. As much as we are in a time of profound darkness, we are also in a time of great awakening.


The Aswhin twins are the doctors to the God’s. They are the icons of Ashwini and feature in this full moon eclipse.

Ashwini according to Dennis Harness is, ” activation of the primoridal energies with the awakening of consciousness is associated with this asterism.”.

Pay attention now to how justice is starting to emerge when it comes to the truth. When people become more conscious they are able to discern when something is real vs a lie.

For whatever reason, seems our spiritual job in this life is to awaken our consciousness.

There are many reasons why consciousness is awakening, for example the truth about history and who funds and runs the constant wars on our beloved planet.

This full moon is with Rahu which amplifies the energy. Aries does rule war, and as yet another one heats up, this combination can ignite blind acts of aggression.


In Libra during this full moon is the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Ketu, all within a 7 degree orb. Essentially it combusts all of the Libra planets, and with Ketu obliterates. This means that rational minded negotiations will be next to impossible and alliances will shift sides. Yikes..

Full Moon Oct.28,2023


It would be very helpful for you to know if you have Aries or Libra planets because you will be impacted. Those of you who have been experiencing the eclipse transit of Rahu in Aries and Ketu in Libra for the past 17 months, you only have one more month before that moves. This time next month the eclipse patterns will move into Virgo and Pisces.

The best thing you can do is to look closely at what you are tolerating and what truth’s you are hiding from yourself. Can you feel your consciousness cracking open and a new paradigm of consciousness breaking through for you?

This process is pretty much never easy, but embrace it. Take off the blinders, and find the courage to admit that you are much greater than you are giving yourself credit for….” You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here..” Desiderada.

Now is good. JUMP!

Love only..

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