In the Vedic mystical language of Jyotisha, education is given about our raison d’etre , for example , the houses. The first house of your chart, or any chart, is Dharma. Dharma is action with intention. Given that it rules the first house of the body and appearances, the lesson is that a life lived in this body is maximized by having a worthy purpose, or, ‘right action’.

The second house then gives us the next natural step. Artha is tangible results as a result of your action. Tangible results starts with the food you eat and the money you make to sustain yourself.

The 2nd sign, and 2nd house are under the rulership of Taurus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus. Here we have material security. With this new moon we have a historical lineup of planets in Taurus!


Venus, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus are in a lineup for this new moon. This could be catastrophic if this combination was in a different sign, but the fact that the Moon is in it’s favorite cosmic station, Rohini, the effect will be positive.

In this current world we need some good news. This may well be it! Let’s hope so!


Venus is at home in Taurus therefore powerful. The Moon is at the exact same degree as Venus. Venus,Sun and Moon are all at 22 degrees. This is a power number/frequency. This combination will help to stabilize negative situations. Next we have Mercury at 12 degrees, and Jupiter at 8 degrees. Jupiter removes obstacles and gives blessings. Mercury will be swayed by the others, thus we have common sense kicking in. Finally Uranus, not normally talked about in vedic astrology but since it has just moved into Taurus worthy of mentioning. Uranus will also be swayed but the status quo but adds the element of extreme results. The pendulum will swing back as the cosmic rule dictates.


Short term could be cooking a meal, planting a garden, having a disciplined excersize routine.

Longterm could be realizing the final coming together of a long term business venture or being able to purchase a piece of land or dream home.

We are dream machines and we are designed to manifest the dream into material form for our enjoyment. This is is what makes us so special!


This is an uber powerful moment to begin a project that will yield tangible results for YOUR pleasure and personal satisfaction. Enjoy the sensual pleasures, it’s your right!

Love only..

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