This is what the energetic field of a fully functioning human Being looks like. We live in a taurus field and our body is a receiving/projecting generator. In fact we are, at the smallest molecular level primarily light. Our human bodies are extremely complex interesting mysterious fabulous space ships. But how do we navigate this carbon based life force? Answer is our consciousness, heart and brain run the show. If any of these are out of integrity we will impede the flow and block the flow. Manifesting dreams requires flow.


There are two ways to generate money: receiving money you make yourself or receiving money that somebody else has made or OPM ( other peoples money). Scorpio rules OPM. From a vedantic perspective the level of financial wealth your live at is a fixed karma. This is why some souls come in inheriting more money than they can ever spend, while others come in with nothing. Poorva Puna is a vedantic principle. Credit vs. Debit, but alas it’s a karmic expression that follows us as we move our soul through existence.


If you have a strong presence of Scorpio in your chart, this is a time it will be activated. Watch to be involved in a resolution or final outcome when it comes to money.

Globally there is so much talk about moving to a digital money system. People are reacting, but I can tell you in my last trip to Canada, nobody is using cash; it’s already digital!


Scorpio is all about control. Here is the underlying battle when it comes to money. Who controls the flow? Our society has become domesticated recently. Even 100 years ago, people lived off the land, now most live off the global food chains. This full moon is a good time to review this area of your life. Anxiety is so high among our youngsters because they do not feel secure in the money department. Scorpio also rules death and endings. Expect to see more of this during this full moon week.


The lunar sign of this full moon is ruled by Mitra, the Goddess of Friendship. This is the part of ,’other people’s money’, that is very very often associated with people doing business who are also friends. When is works it amazing, when it does not it can cause heart attacks.

So we ask ourselves, what creates a long lasting successful business relationship?


What we have politically is leaders of countries that cannot be trusted with their word. The world is like a group of toddlers in positions of power. What a mess!

Humans have a capacity to forgive and move on, but Scorpio also rules vendettas.

Let’s observe.

Love only…

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