Guilt is debilitating. It is the sense that you you are not in alignment. It sits in your 3rd. chakra which is what connects you to the energy of the Sun and to your Power.

When children are raised under suppressive ideologies they can develop guilt before they have the strength to develop themselves. For this reason, very often, when one sets out on the inward journey, the first hard drive program to dismantle is the feeling of guilt.

If you are feeling guilty ask yourself this question: Is my guilty feeling associated with anything that I have done for real?

Humans, by nature, make mistakes. We all need to be okay with this.

If we make a choice, conscious or not, and we hurt ourselves or others, guilt may have a place. The answer is to learn from the mistake, forgive, develop a new way of Being.

Guilt may have a place if we do not grow past an addiction to creating pain, unless there are narcissistic tendencies, in which case, guilt is absent, no matter the action.

Of all the signs, Pisces rules guilt.  This very powerful new moon in late degrees of Pisces may bring up issues around emotional unease. Check in with yourself to see if you have rid your life of guilt.


Pisces, on a good day is the poster child for true gratitude.

Gratitude is an energy that you  can generate out of your body temple that exits through from the heart centre.

When you tap into this cosmic frequency of forgiveness and compassion, and let it circulate through you, you will project onto the , ‘field’, and the ,’field’, will reflect it back onto you.  A body mind soul complex who is in pure gratitude will have a life that unfolds miraculously where even obstacles will be met with a positive energy.

Now is a good time to visit how this is operating in your life.

What has been lost can be found at this time.


This new moon is in late degrees of Pisces which is gandanta.

Venus is in early Aries in Sandi which is the counterpart and will explode the emotional disturbance into anger and action.

Truth is if something is consistently making you angry, you are advised to make a move away from this source. If you seek peace, you will move away as soon as any negative response is illicited. If you stay around, you create suffering; also a Piscean expression.

Revati new moon is a good time to complete and have endings.


Here we have a very interesting twist with this current planetary lineup.

Mars and Venus are in each other’s signs which will cause them to switch partners.

This will put Venus to go to Taurus to join Rahu and Mars to go to Aries. This is a force that is helping balance out the aggression.

With all of this lockdown and new rules and obvious manipulation ( also a Piscean traite), people are more aggressive.


I have not found a more powerful landing line than this.

It is not an intellectual question. Feel with your heart and ask the question…

Listen to the anwer with your heart.

Ask for guidance. Listen to your guidance.

Now is good.

Love only….





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