We search for answers to explain our existence.

Consciousness dictates that types of questions and answers we seek.

Consciousness exists at different levels and those with the same consciousness tend to gather together.

Most of humanity calibrates around the same level of consciousness which puts them in a herd condition. (This is not a judgement, for there is nothing to judge here.)  Think of animals on the african sierra who run together working as a unit, rather than alone.  Herd consciousness is the primary level of consciousness that we see on earth.

When consciousness expresses itself with higher awareness, the herd mentality drops away and we find ourselves mostly alone, lucky to run into another who can understand us and share our values.

This is the lesson of this full moon in Libra.


The glyph for Libra is the setting sun. The Sun, which represents the strong sense of self is weak in this position, because Libra thinks first of the other, and the key word is ,’thinks’. Libra is an air sign, which means it does not interpret reality through the heart so much as the mind.  Air is intellect and thinking, rather than feeling.

Libra’s can tend to be dishonest, in a forgiving kind of way, because they will come to a conclusion in their mind, about what the people around need from them to be accepted in the herd, and then offer that up as an attempt to please and be accepted.  If the assumption is correct, all is good. If the assumption is wrong, the lie gets exposed and can leave the Libran sad and confused. All they seek to do it create harmony for everyone around them.


The beautiful lunar sign within Libra that rules this cosmic location is  one of the most noble of nakshatras. When you her Swati, think priest or priestess.

Swati also means, ‘the sword’, because of its’ swift intellect.

Vayu, the God of wind is also associated with this sign.

“Vayu is the purifier and cleanser that represents the movement of pranayama that pervades the universe and sustains life” (Dennis Harness)

This is a devic or Godlike energy that is also inclined towards artha or material prosperity, thus some of the most sophisticated people will have swati planets. Libra rules beauty and the expression of beauty in material form is art. Our life is an expression of art.


The profound intelligence of vedic astrology is there if you can see it. Aries is the opposite of Libra, and where the Sun  is just now. The Sun is exalted and powerful here, because it thinks of itself first and is a fire sign, so it seeks action as it’s go to way to express.


The polarity to Swati is Ashwini, the celestial healers.

This is a fierce benevolent force that allows confidence and consciousness to merge into action.


Bharani is one of the top intensely brutal lunar signs with Yama, Nirritri, and Indra ruling; all forces of death and destruction. At the same time, this sign is also ruled by the female sex organ, the yoni.

Bharani also expresses itself as art and music.

This full moon we have Venus and Mercury in Bharani.


This full moon is a focus on relationships.

Finding the balance between being true to your personal level of consciousness. Are you with your tribe that understands and supports you? Does this give you confidence to fiercely defend your rights?

Are you being honest with yourself and others?


Take time to love your art, be it your face, your hair, your cooking, your voice, your healing abilities, your talents….

You are God expressing itself through art. Your relationships will reflect back to you who you are; this is projection. Projection plays a pivotal in the day to day experiences. Now is a good time to observe.

Love only….


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