This is a pretty significant eclipse for 3 reasons.

#1 The Sun and Moon are in the early degrees of Aries which is the beginning of the zodiac, thus auspicious for starting anything.

#2 Rahu is involved because the new moon happens in the zone where we are currently experiencing the eclipse transit (Rahu in Aries, Ketu in Libra) until the end of Nov.2023.

Rahu acts like Jupiter only is erratic and can cause massive sudden changes on the growth side as well as dreams coming true.

#3 Jupiter is about to move into Aries in 2 days which will align Jupiter and Rahu for the rest of the year.

So Jupiter and Rahu together causes exponential change or ,’occurence”.


All of you can relate to getting mentally and spiritually setting your intention to make something happen in your life.

Call it a goal.

With goals there is a beginning, which are usually potent spiritual moments, the middle, which often see the discipline fall apart and a drifting from the goal, and the end , where the goal actually manifests into the physical.

There are long term goals and short term goals. Long term goals require inner resolve and mental /physical endurance. Aries is the warrior, ruled by Mars, thus action required!


We all know that the focus and sustained inner belief and discipline to make your dream come true never takes the trajectory we expect. Very often, like the plane landing, we can see the goal, and need to very super concentrated to land the plane as it were.

Now is a time to look at what you really want to achieve for yourself ( it’s Aries) at this time.

When Jupiter moves into Aries is the time to light the match or take off the runway on your journey.

Eclipses are portals and this one is for INITIATION.

With Jupiter joining Rahu for the next year, anything that you sincerely put into motion in this next week should see very favorable results.


Ashwhini is the first of the lunar signs. It activates the cosmic frequency of adventure, leadership and healing. It is worth investigating.

There is a chance that things will happen in two’s during this time also.

If you were contemplating , now is time for ACTION.

Go time. JUMP!

Love only…

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