Details can raise you up or bring you down.

Virgo will analyze, organize and criticize.

People born with a strong influence of Virgo cannot help themselves, and it is better for them to accept and manage, rather than try to change.

Virgo is all about trying to improve and realize the feeling of perfection.

Virgo energy can’t help but approach situations with a keen eye for detail which means integrity comes into play.


Integrity means being honest and having strong moral principles. A person with integrity behaves ethically and does the right thing, even behind closed doors.

Whether you spend any time in your life reviewing your relationship to this concept, it will follow you around as your reputation.

Coming into integrity is a worthy pursuit. With this full moon it is an appropriate focus.

It requires looking at the details of your situation and being brutally honest with yourself and others.

This is not as easy to execute as it is to say. :-)

Coming fully into integrity means you have to address your shadow side and clean up areas that you have tucked away somewhere out of sight.

If you are looking for a way to improve your life, this full moon is a perfect time to review your relationship with integrity.


Since we live in a polar world, we always have to look at the opposite point. Full moons are all about finding the balance between polarities.

Pisces is about moving in faith oftentimes choosing not to acknowledge details. This full moon has Jupiter dancing with the Sun, opening the world of faith and forgiveness.

Virgo feels guilty for not being perfect, while Pisces forgives all shortcomings. When we want to realign with integrity forgiving yourself and others is paramount.


Of all the signs, this Virgo-Pisces polarity feel guilt the most.

Guilt is a lower vibrational energy that has no place in wellbeing.

Human’s by definition make mistakes. When you give a focused amount of time to clean up all integrity in your life, you will see guilt will fall away.


Love only…

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