Here we are again at that time of the year that is it the most auspicious to plant a seed.

Aries new moon is a focus on the fire within you.

Fire is the spirit within you, the life force, the power of action.

Now is a good time to cleanse and purify your body, mind, soul.


By definition we make mistakes.

Maybe the biggest mistake is that of  sabotaging ourselves.

How many of you can relate to the fact that you are the one that stops yourself from being your best self.

Over time, sabotaging yourself for the 100th time, you can lose the will to keep going. Many do. Many give up.

When you give up on your own evolution, your soul grows sad. You are here to work on the evolution of your soul.


Forgive yourself for sabotaging yourself yet again.

Remind yourself that what you can actually see of the entire you is only about 5%.

You are so much greater than you know. You are a cosmic Being trying to fit into a tiny body made up of elements.

One of the very goals of life is just to manage this body, mind complex. This can take a lifetime. Forgive yourself !

There are seasons to life. When you are young, there is so much energy to be reckless. As you mature, you settle down and have a more grounded attitude and approach to your life. Own it. It is your artform. So many are burnt out and failing in health when they should be at their most beautiful expression. Now is the time to regroup, refresh and recommit to being your best self. Get better with time. BE the example.


We are dream machines. We have the ability to create a vision and then make that vision come into material form.

When we are conscious and plant the seed at the correct time. This is ritual. Now is such a time. The next few days are the most powerful of the year for planting the seed of intention.


There is immense stable force at the moment.

Do what is practical as far as it serves the purpose of making you happy.

Create habits or re instate habits that create a platform of health and stability. Now is good.

Love only….

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