It is part of the Pisces constellation that completes Purva Bhadrapada. ( the former lucky left foot). This one is the later lucky left foot!

If you have your Sun or Moon and like tatoos, you can tatoo a fish on your left foot. :-)

Traits of Uttara Bhadra Pada

-This lunar mansion is ruled by Saturn.

-control of anger , endure pain.

-powerful, spiritual warriors protecting others.

-love of travel.

-priest like quality

-Agni: fire, explosions


The deity of this cosmic frequency is the great serpent of the deep sea.

Like it or not, we are entangled with reptilians. There is nothing new about this.

The main thing to remember is that reptilians do not have a relationship with emotions.

This serpent was part of Shiva’s army.


Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance. It is exalted in this sign. It remains in Pisces until April 21 when it joins Rahu which will shift the energy in a dramatic way.

Mercury is debilitated in Pisces which causes problems with messed up communication. Those with Mercury in Pisces take a long time to speak their truth when emotions are involved.

Expect emotions to be heightened during this time.

The key is to flow with the frequency that we bathe in, so if you wanted to get in touch with your feelings, now is good. JUMP!

Love only..

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