Shravana is all about the skill and art of listening.


Shravana again! Many of you who read my work will be familiar with this nakshatra but in Jyotisha, we never stop reviewing the basics! So let us begin with a few important features of this full moon. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Saturn is currently transiting Aquarius where it is at home. Saturn is always the wise sage in the room,( or local cosmic activity.) Saturn follows the rules. Saturn makes the rules! So much Saturn in the house…

The best we can say is that in the general chart it is one of the only stabilizing points at the moment. When we look at this conservative lunar energy we take a deep breath and relax because there are long term plan in place and we should all have one.

It is supported by it’s opposite in this full moon, the Sun in Cancer in Pushya.

Pushya is considered the most spiritually mature of the lunar signs. This is the female Mother Goddess who is the source of love and parental selfless giving.

So now we have a dance between Saturn and the Moon.

The theme of this zodiac opposition balance between Cancer and Capricorn, is home vs. profession. Cancer is the family and Capricorn is the elder leader who pays all of the bills! Grandaddy Shravana. :-)



This is the current planetary line up. Look at how, Mars, Mercury and Venus ( in retrograde) are lined up in the constellation of LEO or where you see ,5, in the chart. Mars is very strong in Leo. Venus is intoxicated with beauty and wealth and power and retro which adds a quirk or celebrity news, and Mercury lights the match.

Then we have Jupiter in Aries/ Bharani with Rahu. I would say this is the strongest cosmic factor that we have been in lately. . Rahu makes it all unpredictable as to say. The result is in the physical plane, that’s what Rahu does, brings it all down into the physical in, sometimes, ridiculously large amounts. Rahu rules the international world of solid action, where we see results real time. Although traditionally Rahu malefic, Jupiter is benific, which is a toxic alchemical cocktail.

I send so many blessings to the plant and animal world for all of the arson we are seeing. I am currently on Vancouver Island and last week I sat quietly with a Mama deer and two brand new Bambies who were totally at peace as we should be.

My heart breaks at the details of this situation in animal communities that are decimated, and have to go on the run.

I am so sorry for this behavior we see on earth during this time. I personally welcome souls and Beings who are light years ahead of the consciousness we currently see on our beloved Gaia to shower our planet with a frequency of love.

Despite the full moon being in Capricorn, we see that the rulers ( Saturn), will be dealing also with matters of true power. The good news is that without ego both sides can always collaborate and find prosperity and balance. Once we add ego, which also rules Leo, we will watch for dramatic displays! Ultimately Leo is the benevolent ruler.

Can you say intense?

How do you help out?

Be at your highest possible vibrational field where love lives.


Love only…

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