The Sun is at home and powerful in Leo. Leo is the kind, the CEO, the leader, the alpha. You all do not have leo planets but you do have the Leo frequency somewhere in your chart, and thus a connection to this cosmic frequency.

You should be aware that we have entered into a time of solar storms that will last for a number of years. This causes a flush of electro magnetic energy to hit the earth and all of us feel it. Now more than ever, it is important to be centred.


There is so much talk and focus with the youth who are part of this new generation of  leaders. There is no question it is a new era. The old era is trying hard to keep it’s reign, but it is pretty obvious that there is a need for fresh direction globally and thus new leadership.

Life is a cyclical event. Everything in nature runs a cycle from birth to death. Respecting the cycles and being present for each one adds dignity to a life well lived. Moving from the intensity of strong leadership to a place of mentorship and mature wise counsel is the proper thing to do to let the youth rise.

In the vedic system life is divided into 4 stages: 1: student, 2: work, 3: teach, 4: relax.

Having an understanding of this is helpful and allows true nobility to express itself in each area.

Nobility is a way of BEING that comes from the soul. It is or it is not.


Leo also rules pleasure. The symbol is the hammock.

If we are in touch with our inner confidence, personal power arises.

Personal power feels good. Pleasure arises from this state.

The kundalini energy is the same as the sexual energy. In essence, a body that is vibrating fully awake and free from doubt and fear and dark emotions, will vibrate with intense pleasure. This is our birthright.

It is not something that can be manufactured or made up, rather it happens organically.


As one who has Mars and Venus in Leo, I have a love of true nobility, whether it be in humans or animals.

I have deep admiration for a soul who is uncompromising in their quality of Being. The physical features become unimportant because the energy that is emitted translates into beauty and charm.

This is something to strive for and accomplished with personal growth, which my friends, comes from the hard knocks in life. Lessons that translate into growth and taken with humility turn one into a noble Being.

I believe we ought to strive for this state/condition.

I also believe that Kali Yuga has distorted the idea and ownership of nobility.


This is the time of year to assess your relationship to power, pleasure and nobility.

Be gentle with yourself. You do not have to stop growing ever.  Empowerment waxes and wanes, but actually needs good habits and health to express fully.

Who are you?

What is your relationship to power, pleasure and nobility?

Your birth chart is your karmic code and holds the answer to the most important questions that you will ever ask yourself.

I should say, I believe that the greatest investment you will ever make is in that which causes personal growth, for money can come and go, but a person who is in touch with their true inner nobility will be empowered in all situations.

Love only…


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