This nakshatra is the sweet spot for eccentricity; but what exactly is eccentricity?


“Departing from a recognized, conventional, or established norm or pattern. synonym: strange.
Deviating from a circular form or path, as in an elliptical orbit.
Not having the same center.

Eccentric was originally a technical term at home in the fields of geometry and astronomy. It comes from a Latin word meaning “not having the earth at its center,” and ultimately has its root in a Greek word with various meanings including “stationary point of a pair of compasses” and “midpoint of a circle or sphere.” But its figurative use is long-established too: as far back as the 17th century the word was used to describe people and things that deviate from what is conventional, usual, or accepted.” Webster Dictionary.

Some people are authentically conformists, conservative color inside the lines type and some are authentically nonconformists who experience the world from a unique individual perspective. The key is NONJUDGEMENT ! Diversity is what makes the world go round.


I honestly believe that becoming familiar with your own birth chart is the very best way to know yourself. We are all on a mysterious journey called life. Our body temple is the journey vehicle that houses our eternal soul. We incarnate at a specific time that is stamped on our DNA and gives us a temporal place with which to journey. Our chart is our merkaba, our light blueprint, our karmic code. If you happen to have prominent Shatabhisha in your chart, you have confirmation of your true nature and can get busy falling in love your non linear way of interpreting life.


Shatabhisa falls inside of Aquarius. This is interesting because Aquarius actually rules tribes or groups of like minded people coming together to co create, so Aquarius is social. Aquarius rules the future. It rules innovation. It rules eccentric free thought that arrives at new inventions and alternative ways of doing things. Eccentricity has genius within it.


It makes sense that the opposite point of Aquarius is Leo! Leo loves the drama of self expression. Leo gives Aquarius the clear path to creative expression. Leo is about me; Aquarius is about we.

Share your Eccentricity!


Saturn is currently in it’s 2.5 year transit of Aquarius. This full moon is dancing with Saturn. This makes it a very good time to realign with your discipline of choice. Have you been wanting to make some fundamental changes? What is the commitment needed to change your pattern? Are you now willing to be your real self? Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone ( or the comfort zone of others?) and live the life you secretly crave despite it not being, ‘mainstream”?

Now is good!


Love only…

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