My favourite subject in university was Political Philosophy. We would study the concept of ,’Power”, and how it has occurred throughout our recorded history. Plato, Socrates, Machiavelli for a young curious mind are provocative. All through the history that we can perceive, humanity  is managed by whomever has the most power. This, it must be understood, is not always obvious. Most of humanity also wants to be left in an infant state so they avoid responsibility of conscious knowing. If you dive into the world of quantum physics, one of the rules that we seem to live under is , ” The one equals the whole”.  If this is true, then how we transform our self should be how we transform our world.

To date in this current world of Nov.2020, this concept is both challenging and confusing.  The reason I have devoted my life to the mastery of this science is because it gives me answers. Let’s see what we see with this full moon interpretation.


Referred to in the west as the south node of the moon. It is a location that is created with the eclipse patterns that activates enough energy that this,’space’, is given planetary status in vedic astrology.

Ketu represents the unseen world. Ketu represents the mystical, the hidden,  as well as spiritual energy. On the other hand it also represents that which is veiled or hidden, confusion, parasites and misdiagnoses. Ketu is enlightenment. Ketu is death. Ketu is that part of our existence that we live with whether we want to acknowledge it or not. We are primarily unconscious Beings and see only about 5% of what/who we really are, so in fact, are hidden creatures by nature!

I pay very close attention to the transiting eclipse patterns. Between Sept.20,2020 and March 2022, the eclipses will occur in either Scorpio or Taurus. This full moon is the first serious full moon eclipse to show itself. Although the full moon is actually in Taurus, the opposite point is the Sun in Scorpio. The message is here.

The Sun is aligned with Ketu in Scorpio.  I see hidden power and hidden germs. ( The good old fashioned word that blanket statements all of those unseen critters that we cannot see with our naked eye). No question.


This is the most powerful cycle of the moon’s monthly movements. The full moon is when the hidden often shows itself briefly as it comes out to play. Who is playing now? Who is playing with power? What is happening with this , ‘germ’ that has been unleashed on our world? What is in the lab prepared concoctions that are meant to communicate with this germ in our bodies? What is happening to the silent majority who are experiencing massive loss ( ketu) due to some hidden power that can tell you if you are essential or not?

Can we sense when we are not seeing the whole picture?


Saturn is powerful in it’s own sign in Capricorn, finally stabilized until April 29,2022.  Jupiter is within 3 degrees of Saturn at the moment and the long term government strategies will work together until Jupiter moves on Nov. 21,2021. Here we have some very positive influence for long term stability, whatever form that may take.


The easiest way to enslave a population is by fear. Mars is in Pisces at the moment and has been retrograding for a few months now. Fear is probably being projected out from hidden satellites and showered onto our permeable water bodies! Fear is a frequency. Our bodies run on energy which comes in different frequencies.  And so it is.

Ketu also rules fear. Hidden fear?


Ultimately the question always comes down to, ‘what about me?”.

If 1 + the whole, then we must be able to shift our reality.

Each of us has personal power that if, cultivated correctly can rule over anything that comes up in your life.  You are in charge of your life, or at least, you have the potential that exists and can be ignited at any time. Caveat: your body must be healthy and able to hold a positive frequency.

Seen vs Not Seen


Sometimes is it time to sit and wait until the universe organizes itself in such a way that we recognize our turn; when our wishes are presented to us, usually disguised, we act. If you miss the moment by not acting, you must work again to establish that intention and give time again for the organization to occur.  Here in you may waste your precious time.

I am touching on very deep concepts that are directly related to this Full Moon.

How are you doing?

Love only….


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