My beloved students of astrology. My work is to deliver the truth or ‘satya’ as it’s called in sanskrit. In personal readings this has to be done so carefully as to enable the opening of consciousness while not doing any damage. This is a skill that I take very seriously.

When it comes to my writing that I offer the world ( I never advertise neither look for clients; I believe those who resonate will be attracted somehow), my way is to lead you to the door and allow your own level of intellect and willingness to open it. But today will be different.

I am realizing that I need to do my part to help the great awakening that is occurring at this moment in history. Not everyone has  a political mind, or an 8th house moon that loves research; most are trusting good people who are trying to avoid pain, and there is nothing wrong with this except this attitude has created a situation of surrendering their sovereignty on a very core level (their body), to some benevolent force that, like a good mother, will take care of them.

Unfortunately, the good flock of beautiful humans have been tricked by the overly nice creepy man who offered them candy on the way home from school each day. After a while, the candy took affect, because it was laced with GMO’s and other hidden ingredients,  and they were not really paying attention.  They were on their device screens so they forgot to pay close attention, and sadly they are now so far down the path that they have reached the witches  house where there seems to a banquet all ready for guests. Still choosing not to wake up, they walked into the open door, not realizing they had arrived to the celebration of their own demise willingly, not because they were bad people, but because they were too good, too trusting and too gullible.

Over time many of them wanted the candy so now there was a big crowd arriving to the witches house.

Of course, there were the few who warned them to look at the creepy man, don’t take the candy, but those truth tellers where laughed at and called conspiracy theorists, so sat on the fringes unable to help their friends and family. And so it is…

This post will be different from the others, in that I am realizing, even  those I thought understood the current global narrative, because anybody attracted to read about vedic astrology is among the higher levels of awareness,  I have been mistaken.

This truth is a bitter pill. Better we all swallow it and move into action, otherwise there will no longer be a path of choice, the high white road will be closed and grown over so the upcoming generations will not even know it existed. So here goes…..


The eclipses play the most important role in shaping the year to year traumas. In Sept.2020 Ketu moved into Scorpio where it will be until March ,2022. Ketu  is secret clandestine information. Ketu is poison. Ketu is hidden parasites. Scorpio is death. Scorpio is also water.

Death delivered vials of  hidden toxins that looks like water.

We now have many doctors worldwide that have been analyzing these various vials that don’t seem to have an ingredient list, only to find toxic substances like graphine oxide and , god forbid, self replicated creatures called hydras. The saying truth is stranger than fiction keeps coming to mind these days.

When will this cycle be over? March 2022? This is when the eclipses move into the Libra/Aries zone; at least I am hoping there will be enough individuals awakened to overthrow the few hundred or thousand of individuals that are running this current narrative. We outnumber them by a lot, but people need to assert their sovereign rights.

Georgia Guidestones


Plato may have been the ‘father’ of modern day eugenics pushing forth the idea, that just as we selectively breed animals , we should do the same for humans.

This was considered a progressive and popular concept in the early 20th century. If you do your homework, you will see some of your modern day hero’s formed part of the beginnings in america.

You can do your own homework.


Check it out, a 2010 Production by the Rockefeller Foundation that basically lays out the Covid Plandemic Scenerio.


The poster child for this current eugenics by injection program is this man, who was born into a family of eugenicists.

He has been using his money to fund the World Health Organization, CDC ( centre of immunization), and various pharmaceutical companies to develop his idea of what is needed as far as , ‘vaccines’ is concerned.

He did make it pretty clear in his Ted talk in 2010 in Vancouver, Canada

In almost every interview you watch where he discusses this issue, he gets a smile on his face when he speaks about genocide. Enter the creepy man with the ,’candy’.

Bill Gates is not the only one but he is leading the death by injection movement.

Oh and then there is character, who heads up the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab. He is not offering any candy, let’s say he is the one who has written the menu for the feast at the witches house….

Of course there are others

Anthony Fauci also told us in advance there would be a pandemic. Why and how this evil human is still in his position is beyond my understanding.

There are others if you do your research…


At the risk of making errors in repeating I urge you to do your own homework on this one.


Then there is ,Klaus Schwab, the poster child for this arm of the current well planned globalist movement, with this Covid 19, The Great Reset. Apparently we are to own nothing, eat bugs and be happy. Not to say the proposed plan doesn’t have some good points about saving our planet, but , oops it involves eliminating most of us, ‘useless eaters’.  If you do your homework, you will find that most of the countries have already signed on to his plan. There is a quiet movement underfoot to eliminate personal property.

Oh by the way, there is actually no such thing as covid, it actually stands for Certification of Vaccination I.D.

I have a Bulgarian friend who told me that in Bulgaria they climbed to the top of one of  the over million 5G towers that mysteriously showed up all over the planet during our ,’lockdown’, to look inside the cover. What do you know but the word COVID was inside. Did you know that the workers who work on these towers cannot be injected with the fake vaccines, because the graphine oxide turns the body into an antenna that would prove fatal if activated. Hmmm


Right, then there is this small issue. How do the monster life insurance companies explain to the people that they actually lied aout having money to pay the promised annuity of their life- long contributions? And the governments who are broke as well?

Seems the first to be targets where the nursing homes….

You see this plan is many pronged.


This man is a great warrior at uncovering the deeper truth behind this hoax. I encourage you to listen to all of his work on this subject.

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Despite the dystopia of the current time in history I remain optimistic. I have faith what was meant to be the great reset will become the great awakening. Many who think that they are fine have yet to see how this DNA altering injection will impact them in the near future. I for one will not be complying with this agenda. I take my stand publically now. I am sorry if I offend anybody but if we do not stand for something we fall for everything.

This full moon is super super intense and will be felt by the planet. I am hoping it will be a crisis in consciousness and mark the beginning of a new an higher truth beginning.












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