If you go to Cambodia to the ancient site called Angor Wat, you will find human history as taught by the ancient vedas. As you enter the huge complex the entry bridge is lined with statues ( now many are broken) with the Devas on one side and the Asures on the other.

Interestingly enough, the planets are divided into the Devas and the Asures. The Devas are the Gods with immortality and the Asures are the serpent race without immortality.

The Gods and Goddesses were always in meditation, dance and intoxicated with Soma. The Asures are the demons who stir up chaos for the Devas. The Asures want to be Devas.


I believe that what the ancients were explaining to us is that our race is a Devic Asure fusion. Like it or not, our bodies have a reptilian base; while our souls are Devic; or at least there is a great combination of this. While living in human flesh form on earth, many bodies have souls that are more Devic or Godlike, while others are more Asures, or reptilian. Asures lack empathy and are not bothered by harming another to achieve their agendas. Devas are kind and hurt by unkindness. Herein lies the dance between the Devas and the Asures.

This is the reason for the never ending wars.


Ashlesha is the lunar sign in Cancer that rules the kundalini energy and also has the king of the Asures as it’s deity.

The kundalini is energy in serpent form that plays a pivotal role in physiological experience called enlightenment. It is sexual energy gone wild.

Ashlesha is an intense nakshatra that is highly sexualized and attractive to others. On the positive side it rules the pleasures of procreation. On the negative side it rules cruelty. At it’s core, it rules our life force that sits at the base of our spine hidden and coiled until it can be stimulated to rise. When is rises, if our bodies are not strong enough it can destroy the vessel. If you can handle the rise in energy, bliss and equanimity is the reward.


The moon is at home in this sign telling us that the highest placement for the mind ( the moon) is to nurture and love. The love of family is the strongest bond. When we love we want to protect.

Cancer is a water sign, therefore emotional. The message is that our emotions are extremely important and meant to be honored. We are also meant to love.


This full moon is a good time to examine the state of your mind and the state of your feelings.

Feelings are the GPS, or guidance system; listen to them!! Your feelings will guide you to the proper action for your wellbeing.

Understand that your mind is a cosmic broadcasting station that can have impact far greater than you know.

What are you feeling? What are you broadcasting?

Love only…

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