Leo is the King. Leo is fire. The Full Moon in Leo rings the cosmic frequency of power & prayer celebrated with fire. If you have been around fire enough you know that it responds to the energy that feeds it.

Like all elements that also make up our own body temple, fire is the central source of life.


The lunar sign of this Leo moon is ruled by Venus and speaks to pleasure, for there is much when one is in touch with their power. Prayer, Power and Pleasure ignite the most divine moments of our lives when joined with a fire ceremony.

This is a time to release blocks and fears and anything that holds you back from your full power.

Let go of guilt. Let it burn away and let yourself feel honored.

Let go of fear. Let it burn away and let yourself feel confident.

Let go of sadness. Let it burn away and let yourself feel joy.

Let go of anger. Let it burn away and let yourself feel compassion.

Let go of lust. Let it burn away and let yourself feel matured.

Let go of pain. Let it burn away and let yourself feel pleasure.

This full moon is for celebration of your greatness. Remember life is a journey. Don’t miss it by holding on to the past; don’t miss it by not asserting your personal power. Have a fire and find your inner King!


Leo is ruled by the Sun.

We are currently in the process of our Sun letting go of solar flares that are hitting our atmosphere. Be conscious of this and listen to how your body is responding to the surges of energy as it hits earth.

Of course Leo rules your central pump and GPS system; your heart. Number One rule for success: Listen to your heart and respect the messages you receive. Don’t waste time. If your heart is hurting it means you have not been listening, or maybe listening but not acting.


This full moon involves a very strong anchor with Saturn and the Sun.

True power requires a sharp intellect and this line up of planets offers stability.


This alignment is like adding sugar to the mix.

This brings luck, good fortune and a positive spin to matters of the heart. You can expect a miracle.

Love only…

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