Saturn has just moved into a powerful new venue in Aquarius, and the first new moon of 2023 is in Capricorn which is also ruled by Saturn. This is like fertile soil, the Saturn type.

So what do you plant in Saturn soil?

Projects that require commitment, focused direction, discipline, practical application, maturity, wisdom and long term vision.

If you read my last post on Saturn in Aquarius, you would remember that this Saturn is about breaking free of old outdated modalities, habits, style, work or even play that has become uninspiring.

What excites you? What inspires you? What brings you alive?

What pattern would you need to break in order to go to the next level to realize 100% inspiration?

What could you commit to for the next 2.5 years in order to see results that would give you satisfaction?

This new moon is an excellent time to distill your intention and align your integrity.


This word hold a lot of punch. I once took a course on this subject alone. It changed my life.

Essentially you hold yourself to a high standard of honesty both with yourself and others; which is much easier said than done!

Like everything in our world, integrity and those who uphold it run a frequency that attracts to itself.

Saturn aligns with integrity.


This lunar sign means, ‘the undefeated’.

Life will always have twists and turns, and your goals will even shift, but if you can live with integrity and intention, choosing to be joyful and full of gratitude, having the discipline that is needed to keep healthy, you can embrace maturity.

Success almost always requires some failures, but if you can make your failures stepping stones towards creating a stronger foundation, then you are using Saturn correctly.


The Sun and Moon are at 7.22 , Venus at 29.17 all in Capricorn, while Saturn is at 00.29 Aquarius. This puts all four planets within 30 degrees. Asures , or the demons, rule this dance. Capricorn is governments, while Saturn tucked into Aquarius will cause rebellion and breakthroughs.

On a personal level where ever Capricorn falls in your own chart, this is the area to review and make a plan of action involving INTENTION AND INTEGRITY, to take it to where you wish to be. Now is good. JUMP!

Love only…

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