Ruled by Saturn, this earth sign rules family lineage. How do great families form but by those choosing to take on a responsibility when called upon. Such is the case when a family member becomes sick or aged and needs extra care and attention.

Historically families would live together so there is no question that an elderly parent would be protected. Capricorn is about following tradition and remaining steadfast and practical and above all being responsible.


Capricorn also rules government, no surprise the two are linked.

We have Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury lined up one behind the other in the sky working together to activate frequency. Mars is exalted in Capricorn because hard work and ambition take time to establish stability.

This is a great time to establish roles and reasonable parameters for sustainability.

I believe we are finally seeing the elder warriors realizing that it is time to take a stand. Watch for deeper truths to arise.


The qualities of this new moon is a deep perception of truth. This seems to be exploding on the internet just now. It is as if we are waking from a sleep and awakening to a massive amount of knowledge that has somehow been covered up.

This new moon will likely cause new truths to be revealed from the various global governments. New Power structures of governance will surface.

Love only..

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