Life would not be possible without a mother. Cancer is a noble sign because it rules the mother. Pushya means, ‘the one who nurtures.’ This divine frequency is about purity of love and service. It is about giving with a pure heart without expecting anything in return. It is the reverence for all living things. It is having the strength to be strong enough to lead and guide and protect with grace at the same time remaining soft and sweet and full of humility. Pushya is considered the most spiritually mature of all of the nakshatras. If you are looking for spiritual direction study Pushya.


Cancer is a water sign which means emotions are a natural way to channel life’s experiences. Embracing all emotions as allowed at some point is a sign of maturity. Life is a wave of pain and pleasure. Cancer energy digests emotions exactly the same as food. Time is required as it is a process. Not all are born with water planets, so not all have a deep connection to emotions, however, if you have Cancer planets, this is not you.


Having an emotional connection with another human or animal that supports you in such a way that you feel love, nurtured and honored is one of the most important successes in life.

This full moon is a great time to deepen your appreciation for your connections.


Begins with you. We are human so ,by definition we make mistakes. We must learn to forgive and release and commit to continuing our soul evolution. There is so much liberation when you can stand in deep reverence for your own life and contribution. Go deep into this…


Jupiter in Aries is the funnel for all of the built up energy to this full moon. What this means is that it is an excellent time to find your boldness and jump into some area ( or person) that inspires you and sparks the above mentioned emotions.

What is holding you back? Is it really or could you risk something and just jump?

Now is good!

Love only….

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