Being human is an overwhelming experience!

We are born into this world with a predetermined level of awareness, intelligence, intuition, stamina. Of course the physical side of things is determined by your genetics, but the non physical, the ‘spiritual’ side of you is not.

Each of you have an innate level of consciousness, which generally will barely shift in your lifetime. Whereas you can build your body with proper food and excersize, even if you work hard on your meditation and self improvement, actual leaps in awareness are gifted from the unseen. You have an epiphany and suddenly take a quantum leap into greater understanding about yourself and the world.

People with very high levels of consciousness are rare, usually living solitary disciplined lives behind the scenes. Groups of people, or communities can raise in consciousness together, which is less lonely and also rare.

The truth is that in this current era on earth, the masses of population are running low consciousness. This may be changing…

I believe we are currently living in a time when there is a global shift in consciousness.


As the Sun cycles through a cycle of high intensity storms, coronal ejections leave the Sun and travel to earth, hitting us all with a lot of light/photon energy. One of the ways to shift consciousness is to be forced into vibrating at a higher faster lighter wavelength.

This is happening now.


This new moon eclipse has The Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius. Mars and Mercury will cause a forced mental quickening.

Sag is a FIRE sign which connects it to spirit. It is ruled by Jupiter which is the celestial Being governing wisdom, gurus, and higher learning. It rules the 9th house which is Dharmic. I like to say God resides in the 9th house.

This new moon I believe there will be an energetic impulse that will hit our earth and activate a shifting of consciousness upwards. The effects will be felt physically as uncomfortable if you need to let go of habits/relationships that keep your down.

Sag will ask you to grow. Sag will force you to grow. Use the growth to be a vessel for expanded awareness. This is a good thing!!!!

Be willing to be uncomfortable as your frequency raises. Don’t limit yourself. You are so much greater than you know.

Take time to step into your meditation and receive.

Now is good!

Love only….

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