Hermes spent half his life as a woman and half his life as a man just out of curiosity. This concept of gender fluidity is not new. When I went through the runes of Pompeii I as an 18 yr old I learned that there were brothels on every corner and homosexuality was rampant. There is still a relief on the entrance to one of the wealthiest men in Pompeii at that time and it is a naked picture of him with an erection, clearly trying to prove that his was, like his purse, the largest in town. If you search you will see a lot of what we would call pornography was normal wall art in this little Roman town. Here we see one picture from Pompeii of Mercury with his caduceus and his, well, his other

So the idea of a highly sexualized culture is not a new one. The pendulum swings between being very oppressed to being very liberal as a reflection of this narrow dimension we live in on earth. In short, it’s not new.


We live in a world of polar opposites starting with the north and south poles, day and night, male and female, sympathetics and parasympathetics. The majority want to find balance but the small percentage of extreme personalities flourish in the extremes of everything. Gemini is all about this vacillation. Of all of the signs, this is the one tends to be out of alignment with their word. They can be influences to change their mind and will gravitate away from intensity in favor of fun. This can be the same for make belief over truth.


Gemini also rules news. We are living at a time when the whole world is receiving an overwhelming amount of news moment by moment. Prior to this time if there were floods or fires or political rebellions in other parts of the world, we never know. Today we know so much. The only problem with this is that getting the ,’truth’, can be challenging. Dopamine hits from tik tok and instagram are leaving the. younger generation with a 3-10 min attention span.Yikes.

I recently heard a very informed person saying that AI does not mean, Artificial Intelligence, rather Alien Intervention; food for thought. In any case, it all falls under Gemini.


“deer faced”

The lunar sign of this new moon falls with the nakshatra that is all about the image of beauty. We might even say with the Selfie generation, we are in the Age of Mrigashira. We have to ask ourselves what comes next…


It always comes back to the question, ” How does this apply to my life?”

Where does the Gemini house fall in your own chart? This will give you the most complete answer.

Since we are always dealing with new beginnings at a new moon, the question might be, “How many hours are you logging on your cell phone or computer?”.

Is this time making you a better person? Does it help you grow spiritually? Is it healthy? What benefit are you receiving from looking at so many images on a daily basis?

If you need to alter your media consumption now is a good time to start.

Hint: replace it with time in nature so your brain can align with your earth.

Love only…

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