: the quality or state of being senior : PRIORITY
: a privileged status attained by length of continuous service (as in a company) Websters

Many cultures, companies and governments run with this concept of “Senority.” This means that people can start at the bottom and work their way up over years, which is a certain type of personality, which is definitely not the adventurous entrepreneur mind.

We all like to believe that Senority will establish wise leaders, but what if that is not the case. What if the senior leaders are corrupt?


This full moon falls into this very intense nakshatra in Scorpio that deals with power by the seniors. Quite frankly I believe we are currently seeing the exposure of abuse of power.

When on feels they are superior to others just because they have been in the position longer, we have a problem.

Respect is earned.

Very often in my work, I have to help already grown adults ( even very mature) actually grow into their own power. Over and over again we see abusive parents who demand respect from their children, who are no longer children, but have not broken the pattern. They are forced to show respect to their abuser. No wonder they find themselves in difficult relationships.

Respect is earned.

Even if we start out as trusting and respectful, we need to be honest with ourselves in each circumstance as to whether this honor is deserved.

Jysthetha is the cosmic frequency of the elder leader who wields power that may or may not be benefic.


The moon is at its weakest spot in Scorpio but this moon we have Mars ( the ruling planet of Scorpio) in Cancer, so it creates a special yoga where 2 very compromised planets trade places and go into exaltation.

Basically this means, bad situations can suddenly turn around and become favorable.


Jupiter and Rahu are in Aries ( also ruled by Mars) are both at 9 degrees. This will causes amplified situations that are brought on by impulse and a desire to act.

You may feel impatient with this energy. When you feel this urge to act out ask yourself, ” What would God do here”.


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