This ancient sanskrit word means, ‘to cut’.

If you take a moment to ponder this concept it is deeply profound. If we wish to grow spiritually we have to get into the mode of ,’cutting’ away the memory of the past. Our bodies are literally recording stations. We record negative events in our muscles and nerves, and if we do not learn how to release this memory we can live with an old memory stopping the flow of divine energy through our bodies.

This is a continual process, actually. Experience, record, forgive, let go…

This new moon is in the nakshatra Krittika which is the cosmic frequency of ‘cutting away’.

Now is good!


How interesting that the most important planet, The Moon, is at one of it’s strongest points in Taurus.

Here again we see the sophistication of this language. Cutting away must be good for a stable brain.


Taurus is ruled by earth. Our bodies are only about twelve percent earth, but a critical percentage. Take time to digest this fact. Earth is practical, and tangible and rules food and money.

Some of us are loaded with earth planets in our birth chart, so the above comes easy, while others are born with no earth planets. Knowing and understanding this about yourself or those close to you is the great gift of Jyotisha. Once you know you can take actions to find balance.


This is a fateful configuration which asks us to make a decision to go one way or the other. Each choice takes us down a very different path. With Ketu being the operative point, it really adds a huge ingredient of the unknown.


Mars is not strong is Cancer and causes emotional outbursts which can be damaging. Careful.


Mercury is with Jupiter and Rahu in Aries. Now is a time for inspiration and speaking your mind.

Journalling is a way to speak your mind to yourself. It can be very helpful.

New beginnings once again!

Love only..

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