In the current western world everybody is under pressure to achieve lofty goals. This pressure effects children and young adults who now have no concept of devoting themselves to their passion in order to achieve mastery. The result is a general populace feeling of inner emptiness and thus depression.

Once again this sacred language of Jyotisha offers us wisdom on how to properly navigate life. Vishakha is the lunar mansion that expresses itself in the mature years of life. Success is achieved not in youth, but in maturity.


Vishahika is ruled by jupiter, the planet that delivers the teacher, wisdom and justice. It is called , ‘the star of purpose’.¬† It is represented by a mature tree spreading it’s branches to protect others. Success is related to this cosmic arena as is divine union between lovers.

Building maturity takes time and effort. Mastery takes time.

It is said that to master anything you must devote 10,000 hours of practise.

Maturity takes time.

Mastery takes time.

What are you mastering?


There is a void of inner happiness in Kali Yuga. We have to fight for our right to take our time! Resist pressure and carry on.

The first and most important part of life, according to the vedas is Dharma or purpose. Each soul is born with a purpose. Once purpose and effort to expand and develop purpose, mastery is achieved and satisfaction results. This all takes time. Stop the rush! Embrace the journey is the lesson.


Libra is the host zodiac sign for Vishakha. Libra rules relationships. Venus is at home here. This is a great time to begin again when it comes to relationships that enhance and enrich your life. At the same time, aslo a good time to exit those that are draining your happiness. Now is good.

Love only….


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