Basically a planet that falls in it’s highest place means, in a past life, you have done the work to attain the realization of this particular archetype.

Planets are the frequencies. These frequencies are attached to ou DNA. Our DNA is somehow connected to our soul. Our soul is a gift from Creation. If you have a soul, you have the ability to live and experience life in different dimensions/planets.  The struggle is just a diversion from the monotonous stillness of space. Own your existence!! Honor your existence. Don’t be afraid. You are far greater than you ever realized!

I know the world is in such an uncertain place, but, despite that, the planets for this full moon are almost as good as they can be!!


Sun in Libra- Debilitated

This means you will not put yourself first. You crave partnership to share the life experience.

Moon in Aries

The full moon stresses independence. You must live for yourself, by yourself, about yourself before you can truly be useful to another or the world. This full moon asks you to assess this and get aligned!

Mercury retrograde in Libra

Don’t try to make up your mind with your brain. Forgetaboutit!!

Actually this is not the time to make up your mind.

Mars retrograde in Pisces

Dance, meditate, dream. Create in the Ether…

Venus in Virgo-debilitated

Now is not the time to seek a lover.

You will be too critical.

On the other hand there is a Parivatna yoga so this could totally reverse and surprise you!

Jupiter in Sagittarius- Exalted.

We are blessed.

Adopt teachers.

We grow by having teachers.

Get out of your way in this narcissistic age of selfies.

Who is your teacher at this moment?

What are you learning?

Saturn in Capricorn-Exalted

The next two years are good for the planet.

Long term planning around sensiibilty.

What is your plan?

Rahu in Taurus

Although there. is no official home for Rahu/Ketu, this is considered the best position.


Humans need to feel secure.

We need to embrace the unknown,  yet find security!!

It’s an oxymoron..but whatever..we have no choice.


This is about the raw f… truth!! ( how Bharani looks at it!!)

Now is good.


Love only…



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