This new moon falls in Libra. Libra is the 7th sign that is opposite the 1st sign Aries, and begins the polarity of the zodiac.

Aries is Self. Libra is the Other. This is where partnerships begin. The 7th house is a projection of the first, so the partner should provide a balancing point for us. Partnerships are meant to reflect back onto us our shadow, both in the dark and the light.


What we need to pay attention to is  how our partnerships make us feel. Feelings are our guidance system; our GPS.

If a partnership is not a proper reflection of our truth, our guidance system will create a negative feeling which is meant to have us move out of an inharmonious situation.

For example, someone who has a very low self esteem will feel justified in staying in a partnership that verifies that truth, whereas someone with a high self esteem will not tolerate a partner who reflects back a lowered sense of value.

At least this is how it should work in a perfect world!

Being a human BEING is a project and takes time and effort to develop. Lessons along the way generally come through lessons learned via partnerships/relationships which falls under the rulership of Libra.

What is the vehicle that determines how our partnerships affect us?


Libra is an air sign. Thoughts and words operate in the medium of air. Airwaves or fiber optics or satellites  fall into this category. As a global society we have fast adopted a new form of media communication in the form of a cell phone or computer, that has, in many ways, become a partner. People are spending more time communicating on their devices than with their human partners.

Through this new partner, comes so many messages that the brain is left weak and unsure of  inner truth. People are seeking likes on a screen as a confirmation of projection/reflection of self rather than organic human/animal interaction.



This new moon falls into the nakshatra Swati which has several meanings. but let us focus on the following.


Here you can relax because the one communicating will be careful with the reflection they project. Communication comes in forms that convey the intense message in a gentle loving delivery.


Communication can act like a sword. Ponder this…


Prana is the spiritual essence of  the air that we circulate in our bodies. It is the sacred nectar that makes us sweet and gives us a positive magnetism. Prana is directly linked to the words you use.

Lowered prana depletes life force.


This combination is excellent for negotiating from a selfless perspective. It is also very involved in strategy of war.

Mars acts with grace and influences all partnerships. Here you can communicate your message using tactful, well thought out words that can act like a sword, but be delivered like a priest/priestess


Mercury is also in Libra, but in Chitra. Chitra has the deity Tvashtar, who is the master of magic and illusion.


This new moon have the courage to speak your truth. Use communication that exudes grace and positive prana so that the one who is receiving your message feels safe. If you want your message to be impactful, now is a good time.

Words are actions that make or break partnerships.

If it is time for you to grow past a certain partnership, examine how it makes you feel; include in this ( if you are spending many hours on a device) social media venues.

Guard your sacred prana and humanity!

Love only..





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