Namitha is a beautiful word that belongs in the vedic genus of Jyotisha, or Vedic Astrology.

Namitha means, “omens’, or ‘signs’.

We are bio electro magnetic Beings who hold an energy grid within us which we then project onto the ,’field’.

Our chart and how we operate through our chart which is basically our light coding, determines the energy projection.

The field then reflects back to us our projection.

This pretty much sums up our spiritual human experience.

This science of Jyotisha is ridiculously sophisticated as it explains our personal relationship to the field.

So how does the field give us messages as it reflects back, well in signs and symbols.


It is our job to be aware of and interpret the signs and symbols.

These are signposts of life, if you will. Animals in the wild pay attention and live by these. For example, remember the aweful

tsunami that hit Thailand years ago, interesting that that animals, including frogs, moved to higher ground before the big wave hit.

For the most part the humans did not hear or recognize the vibrational frequencies that were clearly there.

Humans have been  domesticated and dumbed down to the point of  lethargy.  As a whole, we no longer hear, nor feel the obvious signs of nature, nevermind act in time.

This time in history demonstrates this pretty well!!


Well I study astrology ( the precise model), because it gives me a map in advance or even in the moment of what is in organically in my field.

Understanding my own snowflake or water molecular fabric ( we are 78% water), then gives me the insight I need to navigate the celestial soup I live in.  It is precious beyond anything pretty and shiny.

Pay attention to the signs. Dreams fall into this category.

Animals, rainbows,  thunder, unexpected calls or events all fall into this category.

The more you are aware ( conscious), the more you understand that EVERYTHING means something.


Personally I do put animals into the category or humanity. Many times I find animals to be more evolved than humans.

There have been groups of people who have studied metaphysics  and are aware of the ‘cosmic rules’ that we live under. To this end, they have created their own symbols so they can identify each other and also give messages to the ones who are not aware. The reason for this is because they understand that they are also bound by the cosmic rules of disclosure. All must be revealed.

Have you noticed how Netflix and the mainstream news has totally deteriorated recently? There is a sign. Pay attention.



The truth is that we are a reptilian hybrid. Do your homework about the human brain and ancient Vedic teachings.

The planets are divided into two camps: Devas: Gods and Asures: Demons ( the reptilian type).

When the Asures rule our earth , which unfortunately is much of the time, the reptilian brain governs.


Devas are way more powerful because LOVE is the highest vibration in the universe.

Actually most of the multi verse is on this high vibration of love.

Earth is a pretty little planet that is under attack by the Asures.


There are symbols everywhere. Pay attention.

If you are reading this you are very likely in the Devic camp.

Now is the time we need you to assert your power onto the field.

You need not do anything but get very centered and blast LOVE onto the field..

Of course, you can only truly do this if you have dealt with your own inner demons.

Now is good.


Love  only…



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