“stresses the power to distinguish and select what is true or appropriate or excellent. ”

This new moon is in the highly feared sign of Virgo. Why?

Because virgo energy, or those who have planet/s in virgo are so sensitive to imperfections. They seek perfection in themselves and others and can be disappointed much of the time. What needs to be realized is that some people do not have a choice. Sensitivity can be so developed that certain people cannot tolerate certain smells, tastes, feelings, or situations. Of course others are completely insensitive and can handle the same with no problems. Herein lies the dichotomy of humanity.

Where do you fall in this spectrum?


The ones who are sensitive are usually the same ones who see the best in everybody and will give the benefit of the doubt as well as continual forgiveness for bad behavior that hurts them. They may be drawn to relationships over and over again that put their own needs behind those of another, simply because they are so caring. This becomes a life lesson. The lesson is, as they all seem to be in this dimension, to learn how to love. Love begins with self. The lesson that virgo has to offer is one of knowing when the relationship is out of balance; when you are once again giving more than you are receiving. There needs to be a balance.

The narcissist is usually highly intelligent with a developed reptilian cerebellum, thus the motive is to conquer and receive attention, either positive or negative, at the expense of another.

Virgo says stop!!


Set high standards for yourself . You will have the sense when these standards are being invaded. As soon as you recognize this ( it’s a feeling you can’t control that makes you uncomfortable), withdraw yourself from the situation.

Feel inside the anxiety that has been cast upon you and if you need to vocalize it back to the person in a manner where they cannot respond in front of you. For the sensitive one, being with somebody who tries to defend their behavior and try to convince you that you are imagining things, can be an endless battle that you will never get out of without the need to heal. Just give the ‘garbage’ back to the person – not in a hash way, but as a spiritual warrior who is defending your own spirit and heart. Just your truth. This also comes with a feeling. You will feel a release.


Simply develop standards and stand by them no matter what.

Life will test you with this and don’t worry that you are missing out; in fact you will be gaining. Inner peace and self love is the greatest wealth you can have. If you resonate at this frequency, you will attract the same.


The nakshatra of this new moon means, ‘the jewel’.

You heart is a jewel.

Your eyes are a jewel.

Your body is a jewel.

Your life is a jewel.

Let your existence be a conduit for light.

Now is good!!

Love only….

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