This new moon is in Virgo. Virgo is the cosmic frequency of details.

Virgo will analyze, organize, and criticise. There is a dream of perfection and disappointment when it is not.

Virgo is about being disciplined to constantly improve the situation. The key is practical, reasonable systems that create improvement.


This means that these three planets are lined up directly behind each other. Of course this happens each now moon with the sun and the moon, but when a planet comes into this dance it increases the energetic alchemy.

Which one suffers? Mars suffers! It is what is called combust. Mars is the planet of war. The new moon is a very low energy point and now mars is compromised. If you feel you have very low energy during this cycle, this is why. Globally, Mars also rules business, so watch for weakness and breakdown in this area.


In addition, Mercury is in Virgo also but retrograde! Yikes!

The combination of a combust mars and mercury retro is very unstable.


Virgo also rules herbs and medicine. The world is full of herbs and crystals and minerals that are available for us to use for healing.

Our bodies are part of nature, part of the organic world that reacts to all of the God given medicines.

It is our personal responsibility to take care of our own body temples.

Mercury retrograde in Virgo is messing heavily with our organic relationship with nature.


Each new moon is the start of a fresh monthly cycle. Unfortunately it looks like this month coming up is highly unstable and messy.

My suggestion is to create a buffer for you and your family.

Energy is by nature a wave. Knowing where we are on the wave helps us surf.

Pay attention.

FYI..the Schumaan resonance of the planet has recently hit unprecedented highs. Something is going on cosmically that is affecting us on this planet. Follow your instincts!!

Love only…


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