Pisces is the 12th and final sign; and one of the complex of all of the signs. Pisces is the culmination; the completion. Pisces can be unconditional love, faith and devotion to a spiritual path. This is the best of Pisces. But what is spirituality?


This is focus on your spirit. This is the part of you that actually powers your brain and your heart. When you seek peace it comes from your spirit.


Jupiter is exalted in this sign and is dancing with this full moon, so when you see that bright planet beside the moon it is Jupiter.

Jupiter will increase all it touches and being with the moon in a full phase will most certainly increase feelings, particularly of love.

If you can allow yourself to drop away everything that holds you back from letting love run through you.

Be the source of Love.

What a great dreamy delicious combination of planets!


So we live in a world of polarity. We live in the middle world which is why we have such a constant battle between the dark and the light.


Virgo is conditional love. I love you if…

Venus is very weak in this sign because it can be so sensitive that if it is hurt, or unorganized or late or messy or not a reflection of the best possible option, one can simply not find a way to let love flow freely.

Venus is in Virgo with this full moon and in drishti to that beautiful Jupiter.

This can bring up relationship issues that you can no longer ignore. The full moon may do this since mercury is also in Virgo causing communication to get wrapped up in the shortcomings.

Sound complicated? This is the core underpinning of relationships.


The Nakshatra is the final one and is represented by the shepherd who tends the flocks and goes out of his way to find a lost sheep.

Revati means, “the wealthy’ because the focus is to nurture and care for others. There is a deep spiritual component to this cosmic frequency.


Where ever Pisces falls in your own chart will certainly be activated.

This is a time to allow the bliss to rise in your body temple.

If you cannot it is a time to observe what is holding you back.

I believe we are here to have a relationship with love. We do personal growth work to release the

blockages so that love may flow.

If not now, when?

Love only…

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